ZINC :zinc: Android NFC cyborg multitool development

DUUUDDDE, That looks


Excellent work Az :+1:

Thanks for sharing the screenshots @invalid_signal


The Ultra theme looks even sexier!! I love it!


Can you put “ZINC” in this thread’s name now that things are a bit more official? Pwease :pray:?


I can do better than that…

ZINC now an Emoji
It’s in the title
also a retort emoji


@Az_F damn that’s one sexy looking app. Amazing piece of work. Looking forward to trying the haptic.


Can anyone in the beta test try it on a tablet and provide me with some screenshots?

I figured I could define the location with a combination of three options. This way the lists stay small but the combinations are huge:

What do you think? Does that cover every body part?

On the upgrades next to the days I would display “Left hand blade” or “Right middle finger tip” for example. Chirality + Location + Qualifier

Edit: I added genitals


Ooohhhh I like it!
I like the the P1/P3 codes though, so I’d probably till have LP3 RP3 in my titles.

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So I did a thing…
I remember doing a poll about this but I can’t find it. Anyway, imagine Pokemon except the Pokeballs are NFC chips and Pokemon are procedural little robots.
So I made a procedural generator to generate said robots (WIP). You can tell so far the pool of body parts is limited but do we like the concept?


Hell yeah! That’s awesome!


Thought this deserved a little bump
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Now I can do my own, I’m loving the App.

Even though I don’t have any biomagnets, there are plenty of other functions, some still under development that I’m looking forward to.

I really like the “My Upgrades function” as shown by @invalid_signal above

and here to save you scrolling up

Just remember, if you use the “My Upgrades function” , take a copy / screenshot etc. Just in case

If you’re interested in the app

heres the wishlist for google play when its oficially released


If you cant wait, heres the PatreonBETAEarlyAdopterCan’tWaitToGetMyHandsOnThisAppPunIntendedLink


Depending on your Patreon level, you can get a PURDY Coloured Lodestone


More Info Here


This looks promising. I was planning on adding a “sensory substitution” trainer feature to ZINC where you can sense voice or music or some other data and train your brain to interpret it.
If possible it will have a toggle for playing it on speaker simultaneously.
I also want to try something: remap the 0-20000Hz of an audio signal to 0-500z to hopefully compress all the information into the sensing range. Hopefully in realtime with FFTs and stuff.
Or at least bring down the higher frequencies a bit, maybe not the full spectrum.


ZINC’s Power scan now supports xLEDs* and has vastly better performance :grin: :vertical_traffic_light:

*Check the wiki


That is absolutely awesome!!!
When people are curious about the magnets, I show them my xSIID and I like to find the sweet spot which is a little difficult with the OtterBox on my phone, but I find the sweet spot and rotate the phone so the LED dies, then glows again, then dies, to show that the LED is actually under the skin and not from the phone as I’ve had people think before. This makes it so much easier finding the sweet spot, then can move the phone farther away from the implant to really show that the LED is under the skin lol
I know some people don’t care about blinkies, and some live for blinkies, but I think it’s useful and I say don’t depreciate it. Or at least leave a button or gesture or something to use that feature if you take it away from Power Scan. Might be a niche feature, but it’s very useful to me and I just used it IRL!


Take what away? The previous way it worked? I could have both.

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I don’t like what this implies…

Maybe it’s all the previous “We’ve gotta talk…” texts, but I don’t like the ellipses.

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Ahh I get it! I was talking about he 30sec limit not about the feature itself :wink:
I put a 30sec timer so that someone doesn’t use it and then forget it on for hours and accidentally fry their phone’s nfc hardware (if that’s even a thing). But if it turns out to be harmless or if people want more time I might have an option to turn the safety off. That’s what I meant

Edit: I fixed the wording, thanks for pointing it out :wink:


Haha nice, glad to hear!
I’m not sure if frying the NFC chipset is a thing. Would be interesting to know. I’m sure it’s difficult to do if you’re using proper equipment, but phones aren’t known to use proper equipment for peripherals afaik.

I’ll definitely try with an old one but with every phone being different you can never be sure. I’d rather put a limit, rather than finding out through angry users :sweat_smile:

I know the flipper has an issue with that but I don’t think they do I the way I do.

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Lol yeah, I think the flipper might have less fail safes than a cell phone for NFC.
But if you’d like a beta tester to try and fuck shit up, I’ve been trying that already with your app XD
Also, I noticed your app doesn’t take me to the Google review when I click on the review pop up.
Figured I wouldn’t leave a review til you release it publicly, but if you have already fixed…nevermind…left a 5 star review now lol