6 chips in, Now what?

OK so as you’ve read I’m sure, I have finally put in all the chips that I bought or got for Christmas into my left hand.
I have:
2 xg3
1 xNext
1 xsiid in blue
1 spark 2
1 red xled

And another thing you may have read is I’m very impulsive, so I went into this not having a plan for any of it. :slight_smile:

What are some cool, geeky suggestions do you all have for me to do with my newfound cybernetic persona?


Payment conversion

You have no mifare compatibility

You have only 1 LF, I find the xEM works soo much better than the next for lf

Just heal.

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Ya but what can I DO with it all???


I’m gonna say
Step 1: get your computer to log in with it, it’s a big convince
Step 2: get your car to unlock and start with it
Step 3: I don’t know either, I haven’t gotten this far…


Doors, lockers, save backup encryption keys, use the Spark to log in to the forum using the Vivokey identity, business card…


You’re only considering the “what kind of implant” question. Yours are all in your hand. Me, I’m exploring the “which part of my body” aspect of things, which consists in asking myself how I can improve my daily grind by implanting this-or-that device in this-or-that part of my body and interacting with a reader placed in this-or-that location and come up with a new, useful use case for implants.

If you’re looking for creative uses of implants, you could try that too.


That sounds fantastic. Maybe once I start figuring out what these all do I’ll see more! Thanks!

If you want a good idea to start you off, I suggest a LF implant in your foot with a long-range EM reader. I use that particular implant 10x more than all the others I have.


I mean I can see the practicality - hands full, unlock the door to get into the house. High kick (high kick) the door beeper to impress coworkers when the offices open up again.

I mean they have the foot sensors on cars now, same logic I guess.

I kind of did it as an experiment, but it ended up being my most useful (and most used) implant. It’s not just the door, the office or the car: I also have a reader at the foot of my sofa, under the pillows. When I’m working on my laptop lying down and I need to log in or sudo into a console, or autofill password forms or something, I just lazily wave my foot at the pillows and boom. The laziness factor is off the chart with that one man.


Omg I’m copying that idea!! I love it!

What is the reader that you’re using? I’ve been looking for a low profile reader to use on my laptop.

Hate to answer for him, but it’s the RFIdeas WAVE ID Nano RDR-7511AKU.

He has a whole thread about it (and his experience buying the wrong one) here:

Ouch lol :sweat:

Yea it’s a pretty good reader so far I’ll post more videos in a a few

Haha, just wanted to emphasize to them how important it was to pay attention to the exact model number, given the absurd number of variants.

i only have 1 implant so far (spark 2) and im also at the “what next” point. im having trouble finding more info on what is compatible with my hand/computer/car. i would love to be able to start my car with the spark, but reputable places to get the conversion thing for my car are difficult to find.

You have answered your own question

If it is just Start your car, an easy option is the “EasyGuard”
and there are some more in the project section
Here is a couple of starters { no pun intended } for you



It sounds like you are not confident enough to do it yourself, but if you give us some info on your current car lock /unlock and start system, we could probably narrow down some options for you.
From there, you could get the parts you want, and we could talk you through the basic setup, you could do most of the install, then get the Auto electrcian ( Or similar ) to do the final connection to power, you will save money, get to learn and get the “Pro” to do the final hook-up, to keep you safe