Any of you approached cosmetic surgeons for "serious" stuff?

I have this project that involves injecting a xG3 in a muscle - and not just any muscle, but a slim one surrounded by nerves and arteries. I’ll say no more - at least not here in the public forum - as this is a project I’ve been preparing for a very long time, and I don’t want to blow it by talking too much.

The procedure shouldn’t be anymore involved than poking the implant under the skin, and it shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds. The difference here is, if I poke where I shouldn’t, I end up with a big problem and possibly a disability. So I definitely need a doctor for this one. It’s not in the league of even the best body artist. But of course, no doctor in the west will talk to me - and believe me, I’ve tried.

I found this doctor in St Petersburg though: she says she’ll do it. But… every fiber in my body screams “don’t”: Russian doctor… She won’t answer me straight when I ask if she’s licensed - whatever a Russian medical practice license is worth… So… I’m not hot on this one. Like, not at all. On the other hand, I have no other avenue, cuz you know, I ain’t gonna do it myself, that’s for damn sure.

So if I don’t go to St Petersburg, I’m left with trying to contact a cosmetic surgeon who’s not in Russia. Cosmetic surgeons are real doctors, but they have a foot in the world of surgery for no good reason.

If I go that route, I’ll wait until I get my doNExT implanted and the wound properly healed, so I can at least prove I’m serious about the whole thing, simply for having had that big RFID thing implanted - which is part of the reason why I ordered it, incidentally.

But I’m not sure how to approach a cosmetic surgeon for anything more serious than subdermals. Has any of you guys done it? What’s the best angle to avoid being told off without being at least listened to?

Yeah I saw that thread, but Fraggersparks was requesting a subdermal implant - hence, does not apply.

Your planned implant isn’t sub-dermal?

Take that one serious. Everything you get done one your body is ultimately a question of trust, so if you can’t trust her, don’t do it.

Not so sure about that one - at least in south america, there are some cases where bodymodding and surgery definitely overlap a lot, so I guess there are people in that field who might be able to do that.
I’d rather visit a really skilled bodymodder that a mediocre cosmetic surgeon - problem is, how do you find out…? Even if you find a surgeon who’s willing to do that, how do you know that he / she is skilled enough for that? I am truly biased about that one, I know, but there have been so freaking many reports of cosmetic surgery gone wrong, that I think the - admittedly hardly regulated and sometimes “legally grey” - field of bodymod might be a lesser risk. Might just depend on how far you want to travel.

Anyway, if you really want to approach a cosmetic surgeon - are there some in your area with a really great reputation? Maybe some whose customers you know or might interview a bit? I guess the more you know, the better you can lay out a strategy to convice someone to do that stuff.
And since I don’t know how complicated your implant might be, it might be some pretty “every day stuff” for the surgeon - maybe not implanting a magnet there, but the procedure itself, dunno… :woman_shrugging:

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It would be intra-muscular, that’s a bit more complicated… well, depending on the muscle^^

It’s even more complicated than that: it’s at the boundary of muscle and tendon (at the base of the muscle) and the muscle is in a sheath. And like I said, there’s an artery and a major nerve nearby. So, highly dangerous is you poke willy-nilly.

Any body mod artist who isn’t drunk will refuse. I know because I would refuse in their position.

I’d do my homework of course. And gee, in developed countries, licensed cosmetic surgeons are doctors first and foremost. That’s trustworthy enough - in those countries at least. But of course, the more doctor they are, the more Hippocratic oath they apply, which is a problem for us.

Of course they are. But funny story, that just happened to and around me - I got my subdermal implant, a co-worker of mine got a minor cosmetic surgery. I was fine after a few days, she was still pretty f**ed up after 4 weeks. When I understood her correctly, her surgeon does several hundred of just this kind of surgery, so he definitely knows what he is doing, but might just do it in a little rush.

And hell, cosmetic surgery going wrong is happening in “developed countries” as well, so I don’t think that’s the point. There might be really great surgeons in some “not-so-developed countries” and some really bad ones in europe, the US or whatever…

Regular surgeries from regular surgeons going wrong happen also. I have a bum knee to prove it.

And yes, I’m pretty sure cosmetic surgeries go wrong more often than regular surgeries done out of necessity. But what’s the alternative? There’s a degree of risk to accept when you want something done the mainstream medical establishment won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. I’m just trying to minimize my risk.

My logic is that a surgeon who specializes in frivolous surgeries in a country that heavily regulates that sort of activity is my best bet - provided I manage to convince one.

Just a thought, as I’m not sure how your conversations have gone, I’m pretty sure @MouSkxy speaks Russian so he may be able to approach from a different angle?

Also have you considered somewhere like Thailand? They do alot of tourist procedures, and have a lot of experience and possibly more medically flexible yet just as skilled as anywhere else?

Plus their food is AWESOME :thailand: :shallow_pan_of_food:

The Russian doc I found speaks perfect English. It’s just that she’s not terribly forthcoming when I ask her basic questions about her credentials. I have a feeling she’s doing underground stuff more than she cares to admit.

As for Thailand, no need to go that far: there are plenty of clinics that specialize in medical tourism in Maghreb countries - Tunisia and Morocco mainly - that are a lot closer to me. I’m considering them, but given a choice, I’d rather have it done in Northern Europe. I’ve heard a few horror stories of medical tourists flying there to get a liposuction or a boob job and getting a nosocomial infection or some other nasty side effect that ruined their lives for weeks to years afterward.

I want to start by claiming I am not a doctor, what I say is based off my experience.

If you go to a doctor, they will likely want imaging. They will need it to see how your muscle lays out. After that, they may want ultrasound to actually do the procedure.

I have been dealing with nerve issues from my leg, and a majority of the problem is from the doctor. (Cut through nerves to treat me, not really their fault.) To be treated, they spun my blood down and injected it near the nerve using ultrasound. It was a process as they are not the easiest things to see.

They will have to use ultrasound to inject it to completely miss everything, nerves are hard to be visualized on the screen. If you are going someplace with smaller nerves, they may not see them at all.

My advice would be to reach out to plastic surgeons first. Explain it if they will listen, and offer to sign a paper waiving any thing that goes wrong. (Which they might have you do anyways.)

People can fly to Mexico for limb amputation, I am sure you will be able to find a doctor to do it, it will just take time and likely money.

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My thought also…

@anon3825968 I can only think you want this I’m your inner ear or your “pubic region” haha


Excellent advice, and in no small part because I didn’t know cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons were two different things - or rather, that the former is to plastic surgery what psychology is to psychiatry: a subset of the skills needed by the latter. You learn something every day, and that’s what I learned today!

So, yes, I was thinking plastic surgeon really. I totally expect whoever might agree to do this to need some medical images first, and for the site I’m thinking of for the implantation, I sort of expect them to make an incision above the muscle - which is a surface muscle - to see where they’re going also. It should still be a quick outpatient sort of thing I guess, but although I’m no surgeon, if I were to do this, I’d definitely want to see what I’m doing.

No way I’m going anywhere near my inner ear. I already have tinnitus from a bout of meninigis when I was a kid, and it took me years to learn how to “forget” it and not go insane with the noise. If it were to get any worse, or if my otherwise excellent hearing was to be damaged, I think I’d kill myself.

Also… an xG3 in the inner ear? I’m not an elephant!

As for the nethers, my my, you do have a dirty mind :slight_smile: Although I will say this: the idea of a bionic implant to pleasure myself at a keystroke has crossed my mind. And it’s actually been achieved by accident: see this. That’s another one nobody in this community is ever going to get if they ask…

I was born with it, unfortunately. Genetic lottery. I thought that “silence” was metaphorical, and your brain just invented something to hear.


Ok, on the broader topic, I came across a local business of RNs doing cosmetic stuff. Thought it might be worth a phone call for basic implant stuff. Any experience with that route?

Just browsing the directory of local private MDs, and I found this really expensive orthopedic surgeon, specialist and university professor, who seems top-rated. He asks 380 euros for a 20 minute appointment: at that price, I’m thinking he might want to take a risk. At least he’ll listen to me, if only to keep the dough rolling in :slight_smile:

Again… phone calls will always get a flat “no”. Follow the guide…

Once you’re in a spot where you’re able/willing to share, I’d love to hear what you’ve got going on for this project. The fact that you’re messing with such a sensitive area definitely warrants caution, but now I’m also insatiably curious.