Anyone in the Los Angeles area for a show?

This should be great with Mike Judge in it.

Man dang ol I tell you hwat about them dang ol implants man


Don’t know if anybody’s thought this through, but we’re about to get a flood of visitors. Maybe we should set up a “Welcome and here’s where you get started” thread.

Also gonna be a little chaos for awhile. Good chaos, but still chaotic.

Certainly have.

Ready with the Primer link


Anybody know a way to watch it online?

we signed up for the free youtube tv trial just for this… will cancel after…

DT club members might get a chance to see it after :slight_smile: maybe :slight_smile:


I’m seeing a lot of cringe click bait thumbnails

Anyone watching what’s the vibe?

Just finished watching, pretty decent episode all things considered (heavily edited). They did however cut the last 10 mins of our discussion for horseshit promotional product placement, but that’s Hollywood babyyyyyy.

At least all the makeup we had on made Amal and I look pretty snazzy on camera :grin:

All my relatives texting me “that programmer fella on with you is very well spoken” WHAT ABOUT ME MOM?!?


I’m watching it now, Amal looks funny with makeup.

Aymahl - weird.

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You spelled SEXY :heart_eyes: wrong


He doesn’t look bad, It’s just different to see him with makeup.

So far its good but I noticed people keep talking over each other then they cut to commercial and it’s frustrating cause the dialogue is so healthy.

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I mean the pronunciation- why the tech didn’t I know now to say that?

When are the super-size titan’s going to be in stock? :slight_smile:


I’m yeah I need those as well. I want to be able to connect my armour without having to see you straps

Haven’t been able to watch… so :+1::-1:?

Meh, 50/50, I just watched it cause Amal was on it, But the platform sucked.

Amal and his sidekick did great though.