Anyone try the "Gunbox 2.0" with the xSLX?

Looking at trying to use this:

Since it can be plugged in, I’m hoping it doesn’t “sleep” and will be ready to read without having to wake it…

It isn’t crazy expensive, but pricey enough that if anyone has already tried it I’d love to hear. If not, I’ll post as soon as I know for sure.

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All of this below is just stuff I have read, and doesn’t really answer your question, but in case you haven’t seen or heard it, it is below for your reference

Cooking an x-series in the oven

We decided to test our xIC tag’s compatibility with a gun safe called GunBox . We placed an xIC into a piece of raw chicken, which was then put inside a plastic bag and tested it with the GunBox safe. It worked! But, Amal got hungry and decided to cook it up with the tag inside. After cooking at 375F for 30 minutes, the tag was removed and tested with the GunBox, and it still worked!

The xLC used iso5693 as did the Spark (1) and as does the xSLX, The Orginal gunbox I believe worked well, the gunbox 2.0 I don’t recall hearing anything about.

Gunbox is also under the “same umbrella” as QuckLock (Door and Padlock)

This may be of interest to you also:


Thanks! I’ve seen this, so I’m optimistic. Also why I ruled out the Hornady. I’ll be sure to post a definitive answer so that it’ll come up the next time someone else searches.


I would implant in position 3 or 4 on the hand if you want to use it with gunbox… much easier to scan than flipping your hand over.

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Yeah, I have my NExT at position 3, and I love the location. Far, far more convenient than the typical webbing of the thumb where I’ve got the xM1. Trying to decide if I should try position 1 or use the other hand… I’ll let everybody know how it goes.


Definitely excited to hear your results.
I have the xSLX in R0
I figured if these were ever back in stock I would finally get one, mount the safe vertical, and install three “pegs” to allow the pistol to stay in place.

As I just mentioned on another thread, last night I installed the xSLX.

It gave me something that will work with gunbox 2.0

Today, it works great. It is definitely not a high security safe, but for what it is, I’m happy. I’ll be checking out their deadbolt - I definitely need better security from them on that front - but if it’s more secure then I’m sold. No key and BT just have me leery.

For the gunbox, as long as it’s plugged in, the reader is always awake and gets a good read, fast and easy. If it’s on battery power, then you tap it to wake it and then it’s good to go. And even on battery power it seems to read very reliably.

Oh, and the big weakness pointed out in the link above is mostly minimized if you bolt it down which will block the “back-up” access port (hole.)

The refurbs seem like a good deal. Not sure if I’d pay retail, but they are usually out of stock anyway.


I posted about my experience with the Quicklock and the xSLX. The Deadbolt is the same electronics.
I linked it below

Thank you for posting your experience with the Gunbox2.0.

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Thanks for the heads up! Have you found whether the door lock has as easy a bypass as the gunbox? And any luck with the padlock?

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I updated the other thread with the padlock stuff (no luck yet).

I didn’t find anything on the doorlock reader side(front) that would be beneficial to poke at no glaringly obvious holes there.
If I had an extra I would pull it apart more…
I also want to test how well the circuitry survives on an exterior door in these Colorado seasons and would probably opt for the deadbolt.