Hornady Rapidsafe can suck a biggun

So, due to an older post on this series of safes I decided to pull the trigger and get myself one of these guys. Bit of a hiccup though. I made a YouTube video showing the issue.

All I can figure is that Hornady is using a different frequency than what is industry standard.

Some additional info, My Diagnostic card works. I double checked it with my phone afterwards. I couldn’t for the life of me get a hold of Hornady to get my question answered. Even after filling out their ridiculous requirements to send them an email (They wanted my home address, phone number, etc. None of which I gave them).

Also, it seems I’m not the only person to have this problem with this company recently.

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oh man that’s a bummer. I have an older model and it does work… but only just kinda… it’s not what I would call “convenient” to use with an implant… maybe if the implant was on the knife edge of my hand or between pinky and ring metacarpals it would be easier… but I can confirm I can get it to work fairly reliably with my xEM… but to show just how difficult it can be, I recorded this video with a NExT in a tube with antiseptic solution… it takes very specific placement… and at a 45 degree angle which is unexpected.

If you cannot get it to work at all, I would consider a “safe swap”… I don’t use this except for demos.

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Older model… dusty… but comes with free dangerous things sticker!


Really? Wow! Didn’t expect that kind offer!

I appreciate it my man, but the wonky angle kind of turns me off of this brand of safe in general. I think I’m just gonna return this guy and look around for something else.

It seems like the concept of RFID/NFC safes is pretty new. How hard do you think it would be to bypass the keypad on a safe with one of your relay kits?

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Hard to say, and definitely not battery friendly at this stage. A good solution would need to be engineered into the product.

Try the Rifle Locker, It seems to be more powerful in terms of read strength. Mine works perfectly with my NExT.


It’s still doing the LF chip yeah?

Jayzus, that opens aggressively…but I suppose, when ya gots ta shoot somebody, you dont want to have to wait :gun:

Perhaps it’s only a 1 second relay?

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Hi, FYI I got mine to work with some light hacking.

Hopefully you still have yours. Works great for me now. Its definitely a low frequency safe. The diag cards and stuff dont really work well on it.