Anyone want to help with a university design project?

Hi there! I am kind of new to the world of biohacking but have been researching about it for the past few weeks and was wondering if anyone on here would like to get involved in a design project for university? I have been tasked to create an artefact from the future and would love to hear anyone’s speculative ideas about what the future human could possibly be. Hope to hear from some of you! Meg

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You can invite any one of us to come visit you. We are artifacts of the future :slight_smile:

I’m only half joking. What kind of project is this? An art project? A speculative engineering study?

An object of the future - if not one of us in person - would be something uniquely designed for one of us. The smart chair in my office for instance: anybody can sit in it and use it as a boring office chair. But only when I sit in it does it do its magic. That’s an object of the future for me - a future where man and machine intermingle. That is the theme you are going for if you’re hitting this forum, right?

Alternatively, get yourself an implant and experience the future for yourself, and design your project around yourself.

Hey! Hahah I like your thinking! I study design but originally come from an art background, it’s a speculative project so have been asked to think super broadly in the context of the future. Yeah I have been looking at all of the incredible possibilities of how harnessing technology can transport our bodies into a different reality. If you would like to help me develop a workshop for how to take people into this journey that would be so cool :slight_smile: I’m at the start of my biohacking journey and just taking in all the information I can so would love to hear how to get started

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Step 1: Buy implant
Step 2: Install said implant
Step 3: Become addicted
Step 4: Spend all your money on implants

Sounds like a neat project! Hope you find who/what you need! Will be cool to see what you come up with!


Are you planning to get an implant?

Yes, I can help you. I am a designer with have three years of experience in civil engineering firms in Adelaide

Hey that would be amazing thank you! I am currently at a position where I am trying to develop an online workshop to develop some of the themes I am thinking about and see what other people think about relating to this subject. If you’re interested to know more my email is :slight_smile:

Hey I am unsure at the minute but find it all so fascinating. In my work I am starting to think about the relationship between ones mental and physical health when they utilise technology such as this and am trying to think about how I pose some of these questions to people.

@Minima is doing a study about the mental changes of embedded systems and prosthetics. You might be able to find some inspiration from them, or their form that’s linked in the post.

Edit: forgot to link post :man_facepalming:

thanks so much for sharing! Super helpful

Hi there!

Saw your reply in my thread. Writing you an email in a few minutes :slight_smile:

No worries! Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

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