Apex Flex + iOS app problems

Hey folks,

I am trying to read/register my Apex Flex with the iOS app and I continue to get OAuth Expired errors. Sometimes I also see a challenge expired notification.


  1. The Flex is external.
  2. 13 Pro iOS 15.5 - failure
  3. 12 Pro iOS 15.4 - failure
  4. WiFi and Cellular - failure (occasional connecting to server messages)
  5. A generic NFC disk reads from either device.
  6. The Shortcuts → Personal Automation – NFC and can be used for an automation with the flex. Not sure if that helps.
  7. Scanning has been tried using both flat and edge of the phone. With the flex in multiple orientations.
  8. No Android device to test the app on that platform.
  9. Noobie, I may be doing shit backwards. Still got the training wheels on.
  10. My initial take was I only needed to use the VivoKey app to enable the NAK applet. Did I mess up not getting the proxmark? The NAK is the only intended use at this time.
  11. I’m not sure what else to provide.

Are you referring to the Vivokey App, or the Authenticator?

I don’t have iOS, but I assume it will be the same as for Android.

VK App

VK Authenticator

I believe this should be working

I am pretty sure you will get this workin… actually, I just remembered @ethan_rose posted a video, im even more confident now…standby I will find it

It was posted in the club, but it is a public YouTube video, soo, I hope everybody is ok with me posting this here (@ethan_rose , Amal )

Yep, the VivoKey app not the authenticator.

The Fidesmo App will pick up the AF. The iOS VivoKey app will not allow me to set it up. Just that OAuth error. Actually, the Fidesmo app picked it up amazingly quick. I just used it for scan testing. I have no use for it. Unless I missed something. I’m going back over what you posted.

I’ve never setup an identity or what have you. I assumed that was within the app. I get the error on initial use of the app. Never pass go in other words.

Oh. I’ve also removed and reinstalled the app several times. No joy.

Sorry the VivoKey platform app does not currently support Apex and actually will never support it. The current VivoKey Platform is going to hit end of life soon as we are totally re-creating the backend to be modular and focused on providing services. The Apex will be supported on this new platform.


Thanks Amal. Gotcha there. Nice to hear about the next phase.
How could I set this up? Can I at present? Sorry toddler questions again. Am I in a holding pattern?

Good thing is I know it works. I can get it in and heal up as needed.

sorry just holding pattern for now. the things you can do with the apex now are limited to the apps you can deploy to it, which include OTP authenticator (With smartphone supporting app), ndef data, and tesla keycard… coming soon are PGP and HMAC-SHA1 support… and we are working on a FIDO2 applet as well.


I’m confused now. I am looking for the NAK (tesla) nothing more. Did I miss something? How would I add this?

You can deploy the tesla NAK applet to your apex via the fidesmo app

Thanks Pac,

Heads off to read. Appreciate it. :sunglasses:

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Sorry I was confused too I guess :slight_smile:


Ummmm, maybe :man_shrugging:


Though we are changing the name of it to be more serious… because VivoKey is a very serious company doing big boy business :wink:


I’m really feeling incredibly stupid or very unlucky at the moment. I’m not sure which it is. I do not see any possiblities on iOS. Can anyone confirm this should be available on iOS?

Nothing to feel stupid about It’s kind of complicated right now and there’s no good documentation. We are working on that and we’ll publish it soon to the VivoKey website… But for now it does involve some amount of piecing things together.

Right now there are no vivokey smartphone apps that load any applications onto Apex. The only smartphone application is Fidesmo… they are our partner for managing applications on Apex.

Once you install the Fidesmo app on your phone, you can scan the Apex and then choose an application to deploy to your Apex.

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Annoyingly, apparently application deployment is running into a snag right now.

I’ve submitted a support ticket to Fidesmo to see why this might be and to get it fixed.

Once you install the Fidesmo app on your phone, you can scan the Apex and then choose an application to deploy to your Apex.

Registered and scanned 100%. Just no futher options. I think I need a Android to solve this.

Interesting. Can you send some screenshots of what it looks like on iPhone? On Android, I have to go into settings first and enable screenshots before I can take any screenshots of the app.

Ok I was able to get ahold of an iPhone 12.

Yep. :slight_smile: