Blinky Orientation

Are Blinkies always loaded the same way round in the syringe and if so, is the LED end nearest the tip or the non LED end? I am asking so that I can place the lit end more accurately.

Good question, I checked mine before installing it and it was led to the tip so I had to reverse it. To me it would make more sense if they were all shipped with the led away from the tip

It has varied in the past. Some came out LED first, some LED last. Mine that I got about a year ago came out LED first.

I belive this is an eternal frustration of Amal, as his instruction to the factory was not followed.

They SHOULD be LED first

Unfortunately, currently there cannot be a 100% guarantee on the orientation.
So if it is important…

This is your best option; just make sure you use good aseptic techniques

Happy Blinkies

:blinky_blue: :blinky_green: :blinky_red: :blinky_white:

Oh, thats interesting, whats your logic around that?
Mine would be, LED to the tip, as in my mind this would let you place the LED right at the end of the piercing tunnel or slightly back from it, and you could corral it in place from only behind, but your way, i think you would need to go past where you want it and measure the length of the xSIID to get with the same varience as the LED first option, so to get it in the right place I guess you could corral it from both infront and behind :thinking: is that your thinking too? it just seems to me that there is more room for movement…

My thinking is that for most hand installs you will be piercing in a fingers-to-wrist direction and I assumed in most cases you would want the leds to be towards the metacarpals/fingers, not towards the wrist. There are of course some exceptions.

Green LED, blue insertion direction

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Going by the cyborg tradition, that disk in your hand glows in the dark, right? Is it still glowing and can you feel it when moving your hand? Also, I kinda like the veins over your implant.

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Yes, yes and not at all. after the first six months passed I never felt it again. It’s a doughnut btw, the chips and leds are long dead but the glow powder is still fantastic.

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Yes, that was how I was approaching it so I was hoping for LED away from the tip.

My next question was going to be if there’s a way of ensuring that the brightest part of the LED is uppermost but that’s looking unlikely if they don’t even know which end the LED is!

Nope but there isn’t as much difference as you’d think. You either get a smaller brighter spot or a slightly wider slightly dimmer spot really. Also it might change multiple times.
On mine I’m not able to tell which way it is, maybe I’m lucky or it just doesn’t matter.


That makes sense for that install.

If it was easy to do, that would be a good option to buy from the store and have the option for

  • LED toward tip
  • LED away from tip

But at the end of the day, if It was me, I would be checking before placement anyway

Same here.
It’s really not that hard. Without even toutching it you can carefully push the tip out of the needle and then retract it (if it’s the way you want it).

Also I was thinking about the whole can’t-scan-through-needle issue and started wondering if non metallic needles are a thing? Ceramic maybe or is it too brittle? They make ceramic knives after all

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I think we discussed this before, maybe the ai can find that thread lol, but I think in the end it comes down to scale… it too large of scale for one offs, and to small of scale for super niche components that are hard or costly at scale l

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My piercer seems to go far out of his way to do the opposite… doesn’t really bother me none, he made some arguments for it, that tbh I don’t remember lol :sweat_smile:

Certainly did

Starts from here


That’s weird :hushed: It makes sense in case you slip or something, there’s less stuff to accidentally poke in that direction. But I imagine it’s much more awkward to work with?

Oh, so they do exist! I couldn’t find any when searching it kept showing me pottery tools :joy:

Even the LF portion?

There’s no LF portion, it’s a doNext so the center part is cut-out.

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My two cents:
I think LED to tip is better. iPhones have their readers at the top, and you’re usually holding it in your opposite hand, which means scanning your chip makes the phone top point towards your wrist. Therefore, LED pointed towards your wrist means you can see it above the phone.