Bootstrapping Installers

Yeah, and when an implantee gets an infection, you go to the slammer for unlicensed practice of medicine.

I don’t think so. Too much liability… I’d only do it for someone I know extremely well.

No see i can’t see it, they bough it they wanted to do it i purely assisted in making sure while they stuck themselves there was somebody available to help them.

Not my procedure, definitely not medicine.

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Yes but they could still try :sweat_smile: to sue you that is. Also if you are there in the capacity of supervision or guidance that could be considered a duty of care which could make you liable.

Much more a USA problem :sweat_smile:

Surely we can work a way out even if its some form of waiver / release only there as a person to phone for medical services (999/911) if something goes wrong

So a rather large number of people :sweat_smile:

Probably but my guess is it would be country and even region specific and you would need a lawyer.

At that point the additional experience we would have would not really be relevant.

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Not really. The United States is only 4.3% of the world’s population. Of course, in terms of purchasing power to buy non-essentials such as RFID implants, they weigh much more than that. Still, Americans always seem to forget there’s a whole world outside of their own little bubble.

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Sorry I should have been specific. A rather large number of people from this community. At least based on the Wheres everyone from post and map (not a great metric but it’s the best I have)

Not sure that’s particularly revelant comment regarding my statement as I am a British guy who grew up in NZ and Australia :sweat_smile:

Not counting all the people - like me - who choose not to be on the map, and those who have an implant and plain don’t know and don’t care about biohacking. There are plenty of employees who got chipped in Sweden for instance, and plenty of partygoers who got chipped to get into night clubs and buy drinks in popular venues in Ibiza and elsewhere.

Yeah as I mentioned above not the best metric…

My blind assumption: If you don’t want even your general region shared I doubt you would be the best community installer candidate (people kinda need to know where you are) so not exactly relevant.

Again hardly the target of this discussion?


Anyway I didn’t saying there is a large number of people from American on the forum would be so contraversial :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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I’d totally attend this.

But seriously, I’d actually love to get some sort of training and certification for this stuff, the only person I’ve implanted is myself, and not many places In Oregon are willing to do it.

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You got a point there.

No controversy - we’re just chatting :slight_smile:

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I went to revisit what it takes to get licensed in AZ… Found this gem. It is unlawful (among other things):

To engage in the business of tattooing, branding, scarifying, implanting, mutilating or body piercing out of a home or an impermanent structure, including a tent, trailer, trunk or other impermanent structure.

It’s a class 6 felony. Full text:

Certainly puts a damper on getting certified to do it on the side, even for free.

Oddly enough, AZ doesn’t actually require a license to perform tattoos and body mods. So as long as the person is over 18 and I don’t reuse needles, and find a permanent structure that is not a house to perform them in, I think I could do it legally. Otherwise I’m a felon. So I guess that means we could just meet at starbucks and do it. Not sure how other would appreciate it though… lol. And it doesn’t say anything about doing it outside. Outside is pretty perminent. :slight_smile:

Seems like in 2018 there was a push to create more regulation around tattoo shops. Doesn’t appear that it went anywhere.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of interest here in Phoenix. I know one other person with an implant and I met him on here.


I wonder what the definition of this is? Like if it is for free is it “business” in this case?


Also wonder if a detached garage covers you. Not a home and permanent.

True. Even a garden shed might count.

I do think that leumas95 is on to something. “In the business” is often used in other regulated fields like firearms and applies to someone doing it for profit.

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If you’re homeless, outside is your home and it becomes illegal. So I guess you can’t be a homeless tattoo artist :slight_smile:

That’s a very good point and I totally missed that


Do it in a bar. Bars are permanent.

You can rent booths at salons for hairdressing, find something similar.
Maybe one of those places that rents an office for meetings.

I’m just saying it’s easy to get around.
Seems like one of those laws that is clear to understand, but legally vague enough to get shredded by a competent lawyer.

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Chances are the department of health requires the location this service is performed in be properly inspected and licensed… but again if you are trained in blood borne illness, cross contamination, aseptic procedure… that’s not illegal… and it’s also not a business if you’re just doing it as a favor with no value (goods or services) being exchanged.