Bootstrapping Installers

Bumping this to vent…

I’ve ALMOST had this magnet implanted so many times I’ve lost count. Piercers, medical folk, vet techs, weirdos who like blood… installs always seem to fall through. What’s the “fail safe” way to find a damn installer that isn’t yourself?

Anyone in Upstate/NNY that wants to jab me?

I’m in the 585. I’m totally up for that, but I don’t currently have a space to do so. I can set up a sterile to go pack and maybe come to you!

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Oooh, im just up the lake from you. Thousand Islands area.

Oh nice! Let me know if you want some help!

If anyone is an installer, we would love too add you to our partnership program (KSEC Cyborg Centers).

We can only offer the cyborg center status to licensed professional but we do have an associate program for installers who aren’t or key Biohackers who are looking to offer support/services etc.

---- Associate Info ----
The associate program is for a KSEC recommend individual that may offer KSEC services or provides product support. Email:

  • Up to 20% off applicable products
  • Ability to resale other KSEC products and services
  • Flexible MOQ
  • KSEC Branding required on products
  • Added to our worldwide partnermap
  • A signup fee maybe required and is reviewed on a per-person basis
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associate aye…

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Speaking of Bootstrapping Installers…

I’m eighteen, and so far have done two self-implants that have gone rather well. One in the recommended spot, the hand webbing. And one on the knifes edge of my hand.

Though, I wouldn’t mind doing this sort of stuff in my area for others. Saying as well, Oregon has zero partners within the area, and I’ve contacted many piercing and tattoo shops. Each one, sadly rejecting me.

Of course though, if I were to do this to other people I’d want more proper training.

So what I’m asking is; if I were to want to do this more formally, what sort of education or classes should I seek? Should I seek the normal education a piercer would obtain?

Blood borne illness class, CPR and how to handle people who pass out, and a cross contamination class

I’ll just mention that most volunteer orgs offer first aid training for free, or at least very cheap, that covers pretty much all of these points.

I’d also recommend people do first aid training in general even if you never plan to use it for the purpose we are talking about here. CPR saves lives, just saying :metal:


Infection control is generally a discrete, governmentally determined course for piercers and tattoo artists

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