Bootstrapping Installers

That’s the perfect mindset for such stuff :wink:
Sometimes, I like to try out stuff as well where my artists aren’t that comfortable with or stuff they simply did not do yet - ideally, it’s something interesting to practice for them, and I still get the mod I want. Was pretty exactly that way with the flexNExT - sure, Arnulf already did tons of implants, but never one of that kind, so he just told me he was willing to try it out (and obviously do his best), but he had no clue if it would work out well. He provided me with his skills and a perfectly sterile environment, the rest was up to me. And it would never come to my mind to blame him for the problems I had in the end - I know it wasn’t his fault, nor anyone’s even, sometimes things just happen, and it was my own responsibility.

People like you are just soooo great for trainees!
I mean, in the very worst case, you’d end up with a few little holes in your body that would heal after few days, so there is little risk - and still, most people would prefer a chief physician to handle them, no matter how small the task :wink:
The piercing trainee at the studio I visit got the opportunity to assist in taking out the stitches of my flexy install - that was a pretty big incision, and my piercing studio usually doesn’t do things that need sutures, so he was quite happy to get that chance :wink:

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Arnulf is the artist, you are the canvas :framed_picture:
Pretty great relationship

Right back at you

Exactly, I already have plenty.
My arms look like a herion addicts anyway, I have many needle tracks from my donations, What’s a few more?

Luckily for me, I don’t do herion, this is how I get my fix



Pretty much that way, yep :slight_smile:
Feels great!

But you’d have the perfect excuse - noooo, I don’t do drugs, I donate blood frequently! :smile:
And injecting cookie dough doesn’t sound really healthy as well… I mean, heroine is possibly the worst thing to inject into your body, but I’m pretty sure cookie dough is close to that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess I have to do heroin then as I can’t donate blood. (I am British, I lived in the UK until 1999, therefore I have mad cow disease according to the US)

I feel you.

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Yep you have mud blood according to NZ also.

Hogwarts would probably think the same of you, and that is in UK

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I wonder how long it takes for the symptoms to show… I mean 1996 was 25 years ago… I still feel… Fine! :exploding_head:


At least you’ll eventually be cleared to give blood. They’ll never stop blaming “the gays” for aids and allow them to donate.

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I am not so sure. How do we know that I won’t suddenly show symptoms?

Of course I don’t think they are testing humans who eat venison for signs of Chronic Wasting Disease yet. I wonder if that is going to be added to the list soon.

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I mean, it’s still not great, but gays can donate in the US, if they haven’t had sex with a dude in the last year.

It used to be a lifetime ban, so I guess it’s an improvement?

Either way, I was barred from donating last time I tried due to that reason. Don’t really know why it’s still a reason at all, given that they are supposed to test all blood for HIV and other diseases regardless.

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I can’t imagine…

This is the NZ Blood :drop_of_blood:
Stance on it, if anybody cares…

Homosexual Men

Your eligibility is determined by your sexual behaviour and history, not by your sexual orientation.

If you are a male who has had oral or anal sex with another man, with or without a condom, you must wait 3 months since your last sexual contact before donating.

This criterion also applies to those who have participated in sex work or have exchanged money for sex, those who have previously lived in a country that presents a high prevalence of HIV, and anyone who has taken a HIV preventative drug such as PrEP or PEP. For full details, please refer to this 2020 report from NZBS and the University of Auckland.

So if a guy sucks your dick, that’s somehow going to make it riskier than if a girl was sucking on it? Seriously, that XX Chromosone must have some incredible anti-viral properties!

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Is that going to be the topic for your PhD then? :man_scientist:

Me: hmm, I wonder what’s new in the installers thread…



It all started so innocently. I had been doing some research into the laws in Oregon to see how easy (or hard) it would be to find someone to implant a Vivokey Apex (before I found out about the ring, which has added features and removed my use case again).

Shhhhh thats secret.

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It’s only a few months old, but it is not new news… I just hadn’t come across that post before…

Yeah to be fair I’m shit at keeping secrets haha


It can be very, very slow progressing. I believe they have to do a brain autopsy to determine for sure - it’s that way in animals for semen importation.