Bootstrapping Installers

Just wanted to note that it’s apparently 3 months now in the US, too. They changed the policy last year.

@ODaily I’m in the little rock area and looking for an xg3 installer. I see you’re in sw arkansas so I thought I’d ask. Any recommendations?

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Sadly, go to Texas. I looked around and got a bunch of no’s when I wanted a NeXT install.

I looked around in Hot Springs. Maybe if you look around in LR, you can find someone. Definitely follow the how to approach an installer guide. If you do find someone, lemme know, such info is priceless.

If that doesn’t work, Pineapple, at Shaman Modification in Austin Tx, comes highly recommended. I’m trying to work out a Titan install with him myself right now.

Also, I think you might be the only other Arkansas board member!

Ah, that’s what I was afraid of. I’ll let you know if I find anyone. A Texas trip isn’t really in the cards and I’m impatient for the install. I’m a recent transplant but loving the Arkie-life

I gotcha there. I’m native to Kansas, and you couldn’t find a much different place. I absolutely love it here. I’ve been here for years, and I still can’t read the weather. If I drive back to the plains to visit family, it’s like I can feel the weather sense kicking in.


Hey fellow Kansasan! Kansanian? Kansasite? Idk

Thought on the “permanent structure” though. What about reaching out to some makerspace locations to see about setting up a small room that can be used for installs?
Also, I’d love to attend DTU! I doubt I’ll ever want to stab somebody, but would still be fun! Can I enroll in the PM3 101 course too? I’ve got some left over FASFA for the tuition lol

Technically, it’s Jayhawker!:grin:

We never really got anywhere beyond mild discussion of how to uplift some people into installers. I still love the idea, but it’s a all hands on deck kkind of thing to accomplish.

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Maybe, however; we could combine this with our long dormant get together plan.

Come now friends, let us gather together for a proper stabbing!


Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
That would be cool, got a stab or 2 during the meet up. Especially since that’s my spring break, plenty of time to heal!
I’m not sure if I’d be much help for trying to bootstrap installers, but I could weld together some custom stainless steel cabinets and tray tables for installers to keep their instruments of stab organized haha

It is used for detecting fields though…

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@ODaily you probably already knew this, but it is illegal for a body mod artist to preform subdermal implants in Arkansas. I’m going to try going the medical professinoal route but I don’t have high hopes. So if you’re ever in Little Rock and feeling stabby…

I ran into that too. I’m pretty sure it’s only a thing if you don’t have an established connection with them. A good friend or regular customer would probably never even hear about that, but they’re also not worried about someone they know throwing them under the bus with the health department.

As much as I’d love to help, I’m the LAST person you want trying to stab you. Kinda squeamish, funny, no?

I might have a solution for you though, maybe, kinda, sorta.
I’m going to see Pineapple in Austin on the 19th. Maybe you could contact him and get an appointment at nearly the same time? Carpool?

Fair warning, I’m a pretty good mechanic, and as such I drive a dependable, yet complete piece of trash car. Just FYI. (I call it the Deer-Slayer.)
For reference, it’s 6-7 hours from me to Austin, and 2 hours from Little Rock to me, so you’re in for at least 8 hours one way.

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A very kind offer, but as I said, not in the cards at the moment. Scheduling is very tight. I’m talking to some medical folk but I don’t have high hopes. I will likely wait until I’m back in Chicago this spring.

Squeamish, huh? I get it. I’ve done a ton of dissections, but living things make me nervous. I’m fairly certain the DIY version is not gonna happen. I’ve seen others do it and I do not have the stomach for it!


I almost went with a friend’s girlfriend, who was a Vet Tech. Don’t overlook them as a possibility. Best approach is if you know someone who knows them.

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Just so you know Pineapple regularly works from Dallas. You can check his website for when he’s going to be there. Should be a much shorter drive for you going from near LR to Dallas than from LR to Austin.

Maybe next time. I’m trying to leverage some vacation plus Christmas break to have a nice long span of time to heal back up in. And I’ve already paid a deposit and gotten an appointment.

Thanks, though!


I figured that would be the case but its good info for next time. :slight_smile: