Brady temperature sensor NFC labels

Perfect! Thanks so much, @anon7067117 . Any indication when they might arrive at you?
Let me know and I’ll PM you regarding shipping them over to me.

today i received these samples

I’m sorry, @Cribey, I will have to disappoint you. I requested the samples from my local distributor, but they checked and they only deliver to companies (which I am not), so they declined. So I won’t be getting any unfortunately. Perhaps @B4db0ycs is willing to share? :stuck_out_tongue:

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From italy? Lol

Would you be so kind? I can of course pay you for the postage. How many did they send you?

I only received 3, so I don’t think it’s worth it to send you 1

Okay, thanks anyways :stuck_out_tongue: did you write to an Italian dealer? I’m just really curious about these and will try my luck again.

Hey buddy,
Just a heads up incase you have missed it on the forum, but it would probably not be advisable to consider getting those converted for implantation. (I’m sure Amal would say the same)

They look very similar to the construction of the Bulls Eyes

Which were converted into the FlexNExT

images - 2021-02-25T132645.059
A great idea, unfortunately the fragility of the foil antenna was not robust enough to be used reliably for any significant period of time.

I’ve been following y’all attempt to get your hands on those labels, and I’m slightly puzzled: if your idea it to have it turned into an implant for the purpose of sensing body temperature, it’s not really suitable for that purpose. And it’s not even because it’s likely to fail flexNExT-style: the fundamental problem is that the temperature sensor just isn’t precise enough. See here and here.

With that in mind, may I ask what other purpose you guys have in mind for these things?

Thanks @anon7067117 and everyone else. I am keener to get my hands on the RFID temperature sensors, due to the increase in proximity for readings.
An @anon3825968 it’s not for embedding, it’s for a safety device (you asked).

Question seems valid in this thread

Assuming we get a sensor with acceptable accuracy like rosco mentioned,

Where would it need to be implanted?

Obviously core is best, but how accurate would say subdermal forearm be?

I wanted to dissasemble it, identify the chip, delid it and do some microphotography :slight_smile:


Eh I’m sure hot nitric would eat that resin for breakfast

Not very. JennyMcLane has a Destron Fearing Bio Thermo aka xBT in her arm or forearm (can’t remember) and it’s many degrees off. Mine is under my armpit and it’s still 0.5 to 1.5 degree C off depending on whether I wear heavy clothing. That’s why I thought about inserting one into my bladder - but then it would probably not read there, being too deep.

With the Brady labels, I was hoping to have Amal turn one into an implant that I could have installed under my pec muscle in my chest. Best compromise I reckon. But then the flexNExT debacle occurred, and the chip isn’t precise enough for body temperature measurements anyway. So I gave up on it.

yes i write message on his official site

yes, i know that, but thank you :hugs:

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I read your chat history about , looks interesting , Did you get any update about it ?
Is it still in same situation and we don’t have such injectable device with temperature sensor & of course NFC

Check this out: DSRuptive BeUno open beta (EU only)

The BeUno is a temperature sensor, read by NFC and also NDEF storage of medical information (or other stuff).

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As SnarkBe mentioned, peolle in the EU Europe :eu: + :uk: have access to BeUno

Dangerous Things used to sell the xBT, but this is no longer available,

If you search through some of Roscos threads he has done quite a bit of work around temperature implant research