Business card question

Question for everyone.
Has anyone ever used their inplants for companies like linq and popl and does it mimic like the real product?

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i use mine for that and i just use linktree and carrd which are both free and wildly customisable.



Works well.

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heres mine for example. i made this for free in under 10 minutes there are dozens of templates and customisable options. i simply wrote this as a link to my implant

its all free and super customisable. popl is a convenient tool for those who don’t know they’re being tricked out of 25$

I use popl, and it’s free

Just add /r to your shareable url :wink:

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I use popl, and it works really well. People love it at conferences HAHAHA

You just need to set up your account then with NFC tools or whatever put in the Popl URL. SUPER easy

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When people use an iPhone, can they only read it when they turn the phone on/off or can it background read? I

That depends on the iPhone hardware version and iOS version. Background reading in terms of the phone being on but reading tags when no application is in the foreground has been possible since I think iPhone 11 and iOS 13… But there is no possibility of reading anything when the phone is off. That is a security feature even Android implements.

I believe anything newer than an iPhone 8 is capable of background reading

As for the on off, turning your phone off then back on, will usually immediately start a polling cycle

Phones try to save power by only turning the reader on every 5-15 seconds or something like that, so you can just back ground read, but sometimes you can also just cycle the power to make it immediately read

I haven’t been able to get my iPhone 13 to read my xSIID in the background, only way is when I constantly turn my phone on and off which seems to actually get it to blink and get a read, otherwise if it’s in the background I can read NFC tags, but can’t get a single blink or read from my xSIID.

Are you holding it like you’re stabbing straight down into it?

Silicone case?

I use a cash app card for my popl url😎

It was the case, I assumed the read range should have been the same across but I guess when the phone wakes it’s a bit better, and then is very low when in the background. Thanks!

My experience, iPhone will also do that same higher energy pulse, once in a while… but you have to wait for it

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@Eriequiet , I found your post on using Popl here:

I got it working. Thanks! Hopefully this’ll work with iPhone plebs!

Given that I am one lol it’s a safe bet