Card reader at work won't read implant

What’s up fellow cyborgs! I’m new to the world, and this is my first post.

I got a NExT implant about two months ago, and I managed to install the implant and write to it without bricking it, all by myself. (With a little help from all of you. You guys are awesome.)

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get the card reader at work to accept the chip. I THINK it’s reading the chip. It beeps like it’s accepting it, but it won’t unlock the door. There’s four readers at work, and all of them can scan the chip but won’t unlock the door for me.

These are the reader models:

I’ve read somewhere on here that this model isn’t very sensitive and/or poorly tuned, and there was a thread of a similar situation to mine regarding the same model, but the OP’s implant wouldn’t read at all. (I tried finding the thread on here but couldn’t find it.)

I cloned my work card (HID Isoprox II 0009P) onto my chip, I think successfully. My proxmark 3 seems to be returning the exact same card info compared to my chip. Same ID, same format length, same card code. AFAICT it’s returning the exact same data.

Before I did the implant, I cloned my work card onto a generic blank HID card from Amazon, and the reader at work accepts it no problem.

I’m wondering if I’m just unlucky and they’re all just bad reads, or if I set up the implant correctly.

Anyone have any suggestions, or anything I can check regarding my NExT configuration?


have you tried using the xFD keychain to detect where the LF antenna might be on this bad boi?

You know, I actually tried to use the diagnostic card, and it wouldn’t light up. I didn’t try the keychain, though. I forgot it came in the kit, lol. I’ll give that a shot, see if I can hunt down the sweet spot.

Thanks buddy!


I use that exact model at work, and both the LF and HF lights up on the diagnostic card. Not sure what’s going on there, but it may not be your implant. Does your regular card work normally?

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Yeah, that’s what makes it weird. My normal badge works perfectly, but then, so does a cloned card I made. But it hates my implant.

I haven’t verified with documentation, but is it possible the reader power has been turned down? It’s rare, but some readers do support a power level setting.

This is not uncommon, there are soooo many readers out in the wild, and many of them are Multiclass and Multi-frequency.
These readers you have encountered would fall into this category, I have also had to deal with these “same same but different” :wink: readers.
Once you learn the best way to approach, you should be onto a winner.
There are a couple of things that may catch you out.

With my example, I first tried to just present my NExT to the reader directly AT it, it would sometimes work and sometimes not. Often times, they are smart enough to deal with anticollision, but again with mine If it read the “wrong” frequency first it would errour out and I would have to wait a few seconds for it to tell me
and try again…sometimes with success sometimes not

A few other things
depending on where the antenna is placed,
plus the “duty cycle”/ pulse ~~frequency`` cadence
and the power of the reader. ( I see Amal has mentioned this above also )
These will all affect your results.
I have mentioned it in other places but I find a swipe method FAR more reliable than simply presenting, once you learn your best approach, you should have better success.

I’m not saying this is the specific answer for your situation, but it MAY give you a clearer idea of what is going on :man_shrugging:t3: and a couple of things to consider as you fault find.

What was the cloned card? A T5577? a combination?

TO me this sounds like it is close, but not quite getting a read.
As it has been 2 months+ I doubt it is swelling.
Have you had a chance to try out the LF Keyring xFD? Did you find some orientation that was brighter than the others?

I thought I would add this in for some more clarification

I’ve experienced this with HID multiCLASS and iCLASS readers at work myself.

Our readers at exterior doors would read it every time and give beep + green + no unlock or flashing blue and red + no unlock. The wider readers at interior doors would green + unlock every time but were near impossible to get the read.

If you don’t have security cameras at every door, it might be beneficial to spend some time with a reader, learn how to present your NExT to it and eventually the motion will become second nature.

Wanting to avoid making a scene at every door or answering judgmental questions. I decided to just get a FlexEM installed for work and keep my NExT for home use.


I’m headed this way myself…how do you like the flex? I’m thinking of installing it dorsal wrist, right about where a watch would go.