Chip compatibility matrix - Google Sheets

Perfect, Thanks, I will update the matrix



Had my FlexM1 Gen1a installed today and can confirm it works with the Yale lock even on day one with large amounts of swelling.

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Awesome, thanks for the update.

Added to the matrix

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Nice one, think this might be quite an important one as its a best seller on Amazon, at least in the UK. Pretty affordable too.

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I bought the MEtechs MID300 and it does NOT seem to work with my NExT. I was able to get the lock to work with the key fob style T5577s but unable to with either my implant or the T5577 cards that come with the Proxmark 3. The lock would not even react to my implant. Does anyone have a similar style lock they’d recommend for an interior door? I haven’t been able to find many options for a non deadbolt

The trick is to break off the front plastic piece that covers the antenna. Then adjust the position of the antenna for the best range. Finally cover the open hole with a big sticker and you will be good to go :+1:


Any advice for antenna positioning on this past the standard practice? I was able to get my implant to read but I am having issues with any kind of consistency.

Honestly it was a bit of a struggle and I still sometimes need to sit there for a sec looking for the best position to get a read. I would take a DT sticker and stick the antenna to it so it is as close to you as possible then attach the sticker to the handle

I’ve done some testing with my XSIID and the Ikea Rothult lock, how can I contribute it to the matrix?
Basically, it is compatible as listed, but not without removing the plastic backing over the sensor - which means it’s not really useable for its intended purpose (being read through a drawer front or cupboard door). Is there a ‘technically compatible but not really useable’ option, or if there isn’t, can we create one?

Normally, there should be a link to follow to a post, in that post, hopefully something like you are referring to should be mentioned.

I could possibly use the orange TBC as a “modification needed”, or add a note to the cell.
Let me think on it…

FYI there is some good info in this specific Rothult thread

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Thanks mate I will add my testing results to that thread…

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Another update, I can confirm it also works with Yale Conexis L1. Just installed today and works with no issues. Just seems particular on the orientation of the chip.


Your FlexM1 ?

How did you go about it?

were you able to register your implant? or did you clone a key that was already registered?

Correct, FlexM1 Gen1a

My FlexM1 was already a cloned Yale card so it registered instantly, but my other Yale lock registers any Mifare Classic cards so I assume this is the same. I’ll do some testing.

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Currently out on business and noticed the spreadsheet has a hotel/motel sheet.

I’m in a Hyatt in California and seems like they use a Mifare Classic 1K type card.

Not very Savvy with my Proxmark but in case you wanted to add that to the matrix, it’s there. Wish I had a xM1, I wanted to freak out my coworkers by unlocking my room with a wave of my hand.

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Cool, thanks, I’ll add a note, because it may need more than just the UID

Anything I can do to get more info for you? I got time to kill before I hit the bed. Plus I’m here for a few more days.