Chip compatibility matrix - Google Sheets

Added them all to the spreadsheet

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Added all yours also
Thanks again for the comprehensive list


Nice, the matrix is growing quite a bit.

What’s your guys opinion if we further filter the locks? Meaning have a separate section for Deadbolts vs Door Handles/Knobs?

Trying to find a Door Handle/Knob for my brother, and I’m confusing myself every time I have to go back after clicking a link, I’m forgetting where I left off lol.

I would say even a Outdoor Vs Indoor Compatibility, but I know I’m pushing my luck on that one :laughing:

Also don’t know how easy/hard it would be to alphabetized. OCD I know :sweat_smile:

Update 1: also under the FlexMT HF, there are two random TBC in that row.

So heres the thing.

This matrix spreadsheet, is useful, but in my opinion, not the correct platform, ideally it should be a database.

This took MANY hours of FUCKEN BORING work; getting images, getting produck links, getting forum links and confiming what implants work, dont work, should work, could work, some posts were easier than others to descern this, the fonts, and colours and sizes (I know this still needs some work) and they all import differently depending on the source, and :yawning_face: … and because I filled it with full sized images, at some stage a while back it was running like a pig, so I had to small-ify ALL the images, which took fucken ages.

Thankfully most of the work is now done and just needs the occasional addition and tweak, so the “feature requests” you are after, aren’t a big deal, its more of a “MEH! The info is there”, I can grab and drag a few columns here and there, no worries and Alphabetising, maybe, that will be best done on product brands, but not all have clear brands, and some have alternative name brands (rebranded) ie. Aliexpress, so I can look at doing this, but dont expect perfection, because, close enough is good enough for a spreadsheet.
Dont forget you can use FIND to make your search easier eg Samsung.

Also Handles and knobs, some products are listed only once but they have different models of the same lock, some with handles, some with knobs, so that would require double ups, and that’s the last thing a spreadsheet needs; again, this wouldnt be an issue in a database, eg key word lookup “knob” :wink:

YES you are

download (35)


do you mean this?

If so, thats because theoretically they should be compatible, but they have not been tested.

I am normally on my phone, and editing spreadsheets on my phone, can eat the corn out of my shit :corn: :poop: , so I will look at making some tweaks next time I am on my 'puter :computer:

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I was on call waiting, so I put my phone on Speaker, and jumped on my computer

Went to the Matrix, and a week or so ago, I added a bunch of info to it, and for some reason, all the images are missing FUCKS KNOWS why

All up it probably took me 20-30 mins, and it’s not the first time info has disappeared from the spreadsheet.
I’m not interested in doing it again ( It’s not a simple cut and paste ) hence my apprehension about making further mods to the spreadsheet as a whole.
I will maintain and add data, but I’m not investing any more time into major changes.

I have dragged a couple of columns around, but alphabetically is not a great “one size fits all”, in fact, it’s pretty shit unless you already know what you want, and if you have already decided, then just use the FIND ( ctrl+f ) function to check compatibility.

And FUCK THAT, it’s doing it again, because It’s google docs, and not MS Office, trying to drag columns, and they start scrolling to the extremes, I’ve done 4 sections, but I’m no longer interested, and I’m done for the day.


Thanks for trying. If you need some help in future organizing, sorting and such, I could offer some assistance.

No, this:

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Fixed thanks

Anyone else having any luck with the Combi-Cam E miniK 10p? I purchased one directly from the manufacturer’s disbributer. I haven’t been able to register the T577 on my NExT. The Combi-Cam does work with T5577 tags I have on cards. It seems like the Combi-Cam’s reader is not strong enough to read my NExT.

I have a xEM that I will have installed this month. I’ll test it out on that as well.

If the lock came with its own battery, you might try putting a fresh one in? I’m not sure what kind of battery it uses or if it uses every chargeable lithium cell, but a low battery could lead to inconsistent RF performance.

Do as Amal suggested above

Yes and no.

If you have an unwritten T5577 chip, it wont read it, but, if you write an EM41** mode to it, you should be good.

Think of the T5577 as a blank page, and the different modes as a specific language printed on that page that the lock/access system also speak

The xEM and NExT come preset as EM so your should be fine.

Anecdotally (and tested) , the xEM performs SLIGHTLY better than the NExT so that may help.

Have you used your xFD :xfd: to locate the antenna location and best orientation?

A fresh set of batteries will also help

If you can open up the lock and see if relocating the antenna closer to the surface, that will also help.

Also @turbo2ltr has/had one in his wagon.

Go to chapter 4 (5:01) in this video to see him using it and how well it reads

I do have my NExT in EM41xx mode currently. I didn’t think about trying a new battery. The battery it came with may be old. I also tried to light up my xFD and diagnostics card, but nothing happened with either one. I tried holding them at different angles, as well as the sides and back of the device.

The battery idea is good though. I have another cam lock that doesn’t read without fresh batteries.

I’ll take the combi-cam apart and examine the antenna if a new battery doesn’t work.

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No luck with new batteries.


Is this still the plan?

I have a T5577 keychain tag that is a clone of my NExT and it can open the Combi-Cam. The same keychain tag can be used to open another device that my NExT opens. So I know my NExT is good.

I took the Combi-Cam apart and can see that the antenna coil lines the entire outer edge of the Combi-Cam. I can look at it with a flashlight and see the coil running from top to bottom. I tried to remove the pcb board, but I’m afraid I’m going to snap the plastic tabs holding it in place. The tabs don’t bend. I came at it from every angle with a flat head screw driver and thin bladed knife. It doesn’t look like I’d be able to reposition the coil anyway. It’s laying along the outer edge of the plastic Combi-Cam shell. I then tried to get a reading with the xFD and diagnostics card along the outer edge. No luck with that either. I did discover that a normal tag can easily be read from the far left side of the Combi-Cam shell.

Still no luck with the NExT.

I’m guessing this Combi-Cam has some different hardware that doesn’t read as well as others of the same model.

@turbo2ltr’s video was the reason I was interested in this. One thing I notice is that he is able to lock the Combi-Cam without holding his hand up to it a second time. I have to hold a tag up to the Combi-Cam a second time in order to turn the dial to the locked position shortly after it’s unlocked. I haven’t found any settings to duplicate the way in the video.

Hmmm, the antenna placement looks pretty good, and thr plasic is only a couple of mm thick.

I havent asked about the duty cycle, but if you cant get your Feid detectors or diagnosti. card to light up, that is a little more difficult

I would be looking at presenting over the antenna like this

This may be the easies place to present

I would try vertically

And horizontaly

Hopefully now you will get some proper help


For my own interest, this simply unlocks it a second time correct.
first swipe unlock
second swipe lock

It is…
First swipe, turn dial, unlock (immediately locks in unlocked position)
Second swipe, turn dial, lock (immediately locks in locked position)