Chip compatible with unifi access

Im trying to use my next chip with the unifi access reader pro, but cant get it to read it.
Anyone know if this is even possible?
Do I have to do some mods to the chip, ie upload some code?
Or is there any other chip that may work with the unifi access?

Im using the next to unlock and start my car, and to access a couple of doors.
Would be great if it could be used with the unifi access as well.

hmm… Thank you for the information.
Will see if I can figure out why my access reader doesnt read my chip…

The pro reader sucks at reading implants! The lite reader is much better. Also make sure this toggle is turned off.

I know my dad uses his NeXT on his pro reader, but I’ve never gotten my glass implants to work on my pro reader. I mainly use my Apex on the lite and it works every time. My girlfriend uses her blue blinky on our lite reader and it’s great, but she can’t use the pro reader. We’ve replaced all our readers with lite readers.


Cyborg family! That’s awesome!
I don’t think that my dad would like finding out that his Amalness got under my skin… Same for my mother but she’s the one who would benefit the most as she’s constantly loosing her keys.