Chip interaction and Tattooing over implants


I’m considering getting the Ultron kit (NExT & VivoKey Spark). These will be my first implants. Just had a couple of questions:

  • How close can I implant the two chips? At what distance from each other will they start interfering? I was planning on putting the NExT on the centre of my right wrist about two or three centimetres down from the joint (similar location to the image shown below, except right arm), and the VivoKey at the same location but on the other side (outside) of the arm. Are these OK locations?


  • After my implants I was considering getting a tattoo on my wrist at the chips location to mark my transformation to a cyborg in style. Is this safe without damaging the chip? Can I tattoo anywhere I want, or avoid inking directly above the chip, or should I just avoid tattooing the area completely?

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Thanks. I did a brief search on the other threads but obviously wasn’t thorough enough :slight_smile:

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Since you want to place them on either side of the arm, that should be fine :slight_smile: