Come on down to crazy Amal's flex-o-ramma-ramma!

Okay I didn’t think so either.

So essentially I’d be ordering a very large FlexM1 :slight_smile: It’s tempting, as I’m not overly impressed with the range of the FlexM1 I’ve ordered but haven’t implanted yet.

Let me sleep on it before hitting the webshop.

In any case, thanks a lot for your help!

Amal, sorry to be such a bother. Still trying to decide…

On the centerless FlexNext, would rotating 2 of the blinkies 90 degrees and pushing the 3rd outward a bit to maximize the center cutout be an option? Would it hurt performances?

I’m thinking, what the hell, I should go with the big-ass version and see what happens. And for once, I’m almost wanting to go for some showmanship instead of sticking to the strictly functional. If the blinkies could be there with the biggest possible center cutout, I think that’ll push me over the edge…

By the way, send me the bill for the lengthy “customer fitting service” if you like :slight_smile:

No bother at all… measure twice, cut once… especially if it’s skin you’re cutting :wink:

No not really, but it will make it less flexible, like a 2x4 flipped up on it’s side instead of laying flat… though not that dramatic of a difference.

hah naa just the custom order is good enough. one thing to note though… i’m running out of basically every color of LED… i didn’t have that many to start so I’ve ordered a ton more, but they are going to take some time to get here. What color did you want again?

Yeah but you know… when you go for a bespoke suit and the tailor is ever so nice and polite, as they should be, but you detect that faint trace of annoyance on his face after you’ve been dithering for an hour on what cloths and colors to pick… :slight_smile:

Also, I have a feeling I’m turning this thread into my personal fitting session. Sorry you guys! But maybe this will be helpful to other people who have the same concerns I have.

Yeah okay. I expect it to be less flexible naturally.

Thanks for the video! I can see how it definitely would affect performances if you get the placement wrong.

Green would be good. If you have 3 left, can you set them aside? I’ll place my order when I arrive at work (right now I’m in my velomobile on the way - should be at my desk in 2 hours :slight_smile:)

Actually I never had green here… they are coming in the big order. Doing this order and shipping will probably take around a couple weeks or so.

Do you still have blue blinkies? I think those are the next brightest, and that’s a color I like too.

hey, apologies for interrupting the conversation, but this LED discussion made me wonder something.

is it possible to get an xSIID with a different LED color? Was hoping for purple lol

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Bear with me…

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Easy meow, don’t get too carried away


I’ll check but I don’t think so… I do have plenty of purple and yellow. Yellow and light blue (not “deep” blue) are the brightest for sure though.

i’ve requested DSruptive produce a purple SIID module we can use to make xSIID with but so far it’s not an option.


Okay lemme know what you have left when you know.

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Waiting for the first users, I still can’t decide on the placement…

Those blinkies give me ideas: since I’ll be implanting the “doNExT” [it’s not a regular flexNExT and it has a hole in the middle. So I may as well call it like that for clarity’s sake] where I would normally wear a watch, I’m thinking an inductor on the backside of my forearm to blink out the time or SMS messages in morse code. Or, if possible at all, a multi-coil configuration that’s somehow able to shape the EM field enough to “address” each of the blinkies separately.

Hmm… Now that would be the ultimate smartwatch :slight_smile: Also, that’ll provide hours of hacking fun.

So, do you know what colors you have left?

hoping for the best! Purple is my favorite color!

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Mine arrived today, expecting to install next week!!

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I have lots of purple and a ton of yellow left.


Okay well, use 3 yellows then. If I wait until you get other colors, with customs and DHL taking their own sweet time and other imponderables, I bet you anything it’ll arrive here after Sept 5. Besides, I want to let it simmer in its chlorhexidine-filled bag for as long as possible before implanting it, so it has as much of a chance to fail if it must.

done. they are also probably the brightest LEDs too.

good call