Come on down to crazy Amal's flex-o-ramma-ramma!

Here it is!


Well that looks incredible. How’s it feel so far?

Still numb for now, far enough from the fingers and the wrist. The side edges make a slight bump in the skin but it might take the shape of the hand over time.
Surprisingly not much pain compaired to finger implants.

Nice to hear! How does it feel being over the tendons in the hand? Any weird sensations when you flex fingers?

Also, if you don’t mind me asking, where’d you have it done?

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No sensations at all for now but I think it’s too soon to know for sure.
I had it done by a friend body-mod in the south of France and he hated it. To be fair that’s a large pocket he had to make :open_mouth:

BTW has anyone else implanted one yet? I haven’t seen any pictures. It would be nice to have a reference for healing…

Update: 6hours in and I can’t seem to scan it through my hand anymore. I’m 80% sure this is due to swelling and the fact that I can not stretch it due to the bandage


That is fucking B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L … if I didn’t already want one, ugh :heart:


Can’t wait to see how it is healed!

I think you might be the first one to have it installed.


I got mine done yesterday as well. Swelling is also pretty bad so I can’t get a consistent read on it (didn’t help that I was in a motorcycle crash the day before either), but I was happy with the install and the procedure at large.


Are your stitches over the implant?

No, they’re off to the side - the implant is sitting on the back of my forearm, and the stitches are along the outer side of the forearm.

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oh man… really? even with a lot of swelling you should be getting consistent reads with this monster… what phone / reader are you trying?

Google Pixel 3, so I figured it was also a matter of the reader being finicky. I just checked again and got a decent read now, but I’m also recovering from a motorcycle crash, so my body is swelling a little more than it normally would be for the implant.

You’d have to have 2 inches of swelling to prevent the thing from reading properly. It’s surprising that it didn’t ring hard and far righaway.

Sorry to hear about your crash… glad it’s working well.

Kinda… I mean… my Pixel 2 is odd… it only gets maybe 1 inch read range on a flexNExT and only if well positioned in just the right spot… so if you have a lot of swelling and a case on… maybe it might be picky… meanwhile my Samsung Galaxy S7 gets like insane range with the flexNExT… I should film it to show the difference because it’s significant.

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Yeah, even before I got it out in, the range on reads from my phone were pretty lackluster, but I had remembered hearing that about the pixel’s NFC by and large, so I wasn’t too worried about it. I’m planning on picking up a Proxmark rdv4 soon, so I should have a better idea of range after that.

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How’s recovery pain?
How long do you expect to have your hand out of commission?

Sorry to hear about your 2 wheel recovery as well

I assemble very small intricate things, and not having a hand would suck for a protracted about of time

Pain is minimal. My installer suggested wrapping in an ACE bandage (after cleaning and tegaderm-ing the stitches) to help maintain minimal pressure to help dissuade fluids from pooling in the pocket, and that causes some discomfort if I wear it for too long or wrap it too tightly, but as long as I’m paying attention to my body, the actual pain I feel is really almost non-existent.

My install location (back of the forearm) hasn’t actually out my wrist/hand out of commission - my wrist flexion doesn’t interfere with the placement of the chip, so I wouldn’t say that it’s causing any problems. I’m expecting the stitches to come out in roughly 10 days, maybe give it another week or two after that of close care and inspection before I’d feel comfortable sayings it’s in a solid enough state to not think about it.

It’s all good on my bike. Turns out, safety gear is wildly important - who knew? I hit a guy head on in a turn (my back end fishtailed and sent me straight into this guy’s front bumper), and I walked away with no broken bones or internal injuries. I’ll never understand people who don’t gear up for rides…:woman_shrugging:


Minimal pain in the hand as well . I can use my fingers but cannot crimp or put a lot of pressure. I keep my hand at shoulder level and it seems to help (lower blood pressure I guess).

I’m bummed, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do a flexnext on the back of my hand,

Had a pretty extensive injury to my hand years ago, and w/e no biggy, who hasn’t been shot lol

But then I just remembered I think some of my tendons attached to the scar tissue, I don’t think any competent body mod artist is going to want to get within a mile of it


Then again… I’m trying to pinch as deeply as I can and I can’t seem to grab any kind of tendon… it’s likely attached much deeper at the scar
(Thru and thru)

Ring measures 48mm