Come on down to crazy Amal's flex-o-ramma-ramma!


Umm, what the? how the?
That is fucken amazing…
Some more info please…

I present to you, the flexNExT :slight_smile:

Ended up being 41mm diameter, for safety.


That is super impressive.
And so quick to make a working “prototype”

Tidy looking also.

Come on down to crazy Amal’s flex-o-ramma-ramma!


I meant to put this in just after Amal started this thread, but better late than never.


I’ve kind of been a little obsessed with making things the last few days… been ignoring … er … rather… “compartmentalizing” other more mundane business tasks in order to work these out quickly.


The more I look at this, the less I think this is a good idea… the polymer will have weak points around the center disc… I think maybe at best one might achieve an off-center approach… something like this…


That would offer a large re-attachment area and the most stability for the center disc… and it shouldn’t affect performance all that much at all… in fact, prelim testing with me just holding it in place shows no significant difference in performance of either tag.

it looks like a stock photo he photoshopped my head on to… upload to google images search and you’ll see the original

And right you are.
THIS was my results :wink:

You kinda look like the stock image also



some people say i look like a fat chris pratt… fat pratt.

playing around with some ideas…

man I wish we could see magnetic fields…


I was wondering if you could likely overlap/tile a bunch of NFC fingernails. Make a light up bar… Original plan was to have a few fingernails next to each other once you release them but a solid bar would be preferable.


now switch it for a secure tag something like the DF! i really want one now lol but thats alot of real estate on my hand :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was going to overlap them so it was super dense. 2 rows of LEDs with the glow resin to diffuse. Implant it across the back of my wrist…


Is the sticker basically boosting the field for the led? Mine won’t light through my hand…

I can also overlap them a bit, but yes overall performance is about half of that with the NFC tag surrounding it… I’ll explain why in a minute…


See now I’m drooling… Could you use a flexible binder for the glow powder to maintain the flexibility and still have glow powder on it :thinking:.

Well, sorta… basically it’s reshaping the magnetic field a bit and making it go where we want it. The larger size of the NTAG216 antenna is causing the field to reshape around it, forcing flux lines through the center at a much greater density (if you can think of it that way) than without the larger antenna being there.

If you had an NFC nail (flat plane spiral antenna) inside your hand, and you placed a larger antenna around it from an Bullseye tag (cut out the metal foil NFC logo from the center first), then you would see the same effect.


yes i have a bioresin… but what i’m finding is that the real effective range the light can penetrate into the binder with glow powder is only a couple mm at best, so basically putting anything more than a drop of resin with glow powder overtop the LED is a waste… unless you wanted to try charging it in the sun or with a very bright light through the skin for a few minutes… see what that does… maybe then you’d get 30 seconds of decent light out of it… dunno.

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