Curious about others experience with nootropics (I do NOT sell anything!)

Disclaimer: My previous post was deleted because it was believed I was trying to sell something. I do not sell anything and I won’t even share my own personal sources. I am a genuine person who means exactly what I say. If I break my word on this, ban me for the douche I would be. Also note that I am not posting this even to teach, but to increase my knowledge in learning from others. I will never try to sell anyone anything on this forum. I like science. Nootropics is science!

With that said, let me try this again and explain my intentions more clearly.
In the past I’ve had experience with nootropics of various types and have seen a benefit in myself and others. It’s been a long time since I’ve used any.
In December of 2019, a bug went around that we all believe was Covid. I had been really in shape before catching it, but after all of this time, I still haven’t been able to get back to where I was. I still feel tired and weaker than I should be.
Not long ago, a guy I hadn’t seen in months told me about SARMS. (Please note: This is not a brand name of any specific product. It stands for Selective androgen receptor modulator). The difference in him was drastic enough to get my attention. I spent a few days researching and see that it’s been used to eliminate weakness on many levels. Supposedly, it works like a steroid, but without the negative side of steroids. There are some negative stories, but I think it’s mostly those who have abused it.
As this nootropic is new to me, I was wondering if others have used it or know others who have, hoping to get a bigger picture, being as I only know one actual person who has used it. I ordered some and would like to learn more before putting it into my own body.
I am also interested in other nootropics that some of you might have used and what you felt worked.

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