Custom Flex DF2 self install

Thanks! :grin:
Even being a bit over the top, I would rather account for all eventualities than to have a failed procedure just bc I was lazy. :persevere:

In the studio we used cling film + paper towels. Was a standard. But I still used to toss some metal plates on the autoclave anyway! :sweat_smile:

Sure was! He had fun but now he’s sure he won’t ever work with that! :rofl:

I’m also sure you’d be laughing if you’d seen it!

I think Transpore is the correct name, Micropore might be just a brand.
Right now it’s the thing that’s annoying less my skin.
Currently I’m just adding a single droplet of silicone gel on the would and adding a small bit of Transpore on top.

I am editing the video now!
Due to phone limitations it got sliced in many small videos, so I got to mash them together… and using Shotcut one-handed is a real challenge! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edited! :sweat_smile:

Nice ( I was secretly disappointed )
Now it is not a secret, AND I am not disappointed


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Well… Maybe you’ll still be disappointed! :sweat_smile:

I did add the video.
Yet I failed terribly into getting it to work as an embedded player. :tired_face:

Guess I’m a better body-artist than Web Dev… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anything you can easily fix there?
If not I can wrap the video in a webplayer from my site…

Discourse does handle videos “funny.”
I think the size limit is quite small

Otherwise you could try a link to a player like, YT, Vimeo, Daily Motion

I think it is[quote=“Eyeux, post:6, topic:9135”]
Anything you can easily fix there?
If not I can wrap the video in a webplayer from my site…

You could definitely try that…

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will only have time for that by Monday I think.

For now people can at least click the link. ^^

Did it - looks like you had fun! :smile:

But seriously, calm, well-prepared, and I think you guided your buddy really well! :+1: :slight_smile:

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Had indeed!! :laughing:

Still having, actually, with all the daily updates here! ^^

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Can I ask how much silicone gel you use? I’m using it on my xseries scars and am having trouble working out just how much / little I should be using.

I usually get a large drop on…

And then smear it just so ever slightly…

And since my camera is a shite…
The Idea is that I get a drop of about 1.5mm height all over the scar, Then smear it slightly until it is only about 0.3mm tall. It should be just enough to see that it’s there.

Then during the day I keep an eye, and when there’s no more shine left, I reapply.

Also, the leftovers on the finger, I then massage very slightly over the area where the implant is. Not exactly much effect there, but hey! I love some placebo effect! :yum:

Then I get some moisturizer and apply a thin layer around it (not applying on top of the gel). This is mostly to keep the skin soft from all the antiseptic soap, so it stretches correctly.

It is slightly overkill, I know, but better safe than sorry in this scenario. And my expedite recovery is proving this is working well! I think. :sweat_smile:

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Looks like my healing reached a good stage.

Everything looks fine!
Scar looks like might vanish completely over time.
Swelling is 99% gone.

So not much more to keep updating here! ^^

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Damn, your scar looks better than my xSeries scars :cry:

Any chance we could get a healed pic with the blinky?

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As soon as I get back home later I can take some vids!!


Ok! Got back! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

so… here are some blinkie pics!!

And a couple quick vids! :grin:

On a side note, I took this opportunity to test “NFC Tools”.
It actually reads my tag noticeably faster than TagInfo does!


proof positive that taginfo is more thorough :slight_smile: my point is, if you just want to read your ndef record then nfc tools is fine, but if you want all the memory contents and IC identification and all the possible relevant data, use taginfo :slight_smile:

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Yes. That is for sure!
Got some dodgy tags that NFC Tools misreads while TagInfo picks up!

But quite positively surprised with NFC Tools performance!

Both got different use cases for me now.

Hmm decisions decisions,

I would call what you did a L4right?

I’m currently considering the same location but I have a XEM that might almost touch if I do that

Or I could do a full knife edge, which I head a lot of people say they are saving for payment flex but it seems rather bendy of a location

The implant looks really great! :+1:
But… is that a Razer Black Widow in the background? :smile: :black_heart:

Position 4 is quite a peculiar one.

If you got very large hands, you could technically have a 3, a flex on top of the pinkie metacarpal, a 4 and an 5 with no fuss. :partying_face:

But if you have very small hands, 4 and 5 become a single position, and a pinkie metacarpal would bump both positions 3 and 4. :thinking:

Btw, I’m using this guide.

That said, whilst we don’t use a separate convention for Flex placement, I think you are correct: R4 is what best describes this implant. :grin:

But then it’s good to keep in mind that the flex might rotate!

My original placement was perfectly on top of the metacarpal:

And this is the final position:

The implant stayed on the original position until I decided to start using my hand more and more.

As stated on the first post, this decision was to make sure the pocket would form keeping the flex in a position that accommodates my movements (mainly tendons) with the least resistance (thus less chances to cause stress damage to either the tendons or the pocket).

After I begun using my hands to type (which includes a lot of pinkie tendon movement in my case), the implant moved into this new position within a couple of days.

It’s interesting that the base (LED) remained exactly where it was and the implant pivoted in it’s place.

After swelling went down, I could see why this happened:

My tendon adds more pressure into the original position’s tip (near the knuckle), especially when “coming back” (thus adding pressure from pinkie towards ring).

But where the tip lies now, it sits in between my pinkie and ring tendons/knuckles where there is almost no “rubbing” against the tendons.

So if you have something on position 3, then the pinkie metacarpal flex placement might (probably will?) end up overlapping it, unless you force it on a less optimal place, or have quite long metacarpals.

Well spotted!
It was a cheaper version which had the exact same mechanical keys as the Black Widow but shitty internals. Which I modded to my liking and added a 3D printed extension with an integrated switchboard. :grin:


I just love how you mod things until they work just exactly the way you want it :wink: Looks great!


I know that you’ve mentioned that you have the skills for this but self installing a flex is on another level. Hats off!

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