Diagnostic cards & Field detector chat

I’ve considered removing the glass vials from two keychains to make a dual frequency field detector. But at least one of the ones I have is already cracked and is held together by the clear resin.

Definitely something that I wouldn’t like to have in my body.


Perhaps a 3D printed fob to hold both field detectors?


That could work, or sanding down the clear plastic while being careful not to get to close to the glass and then gluing the two halfs with acrylic cement?

Anyways, I’m doing what cyborgs do best now…


Not to encourage folks but I used heat.
A soldering iron works wonders as a poking hot probe :slight_smile:


I was going to 3D print a card
But then I saw those flip out usb cards and went a little impatient caveman to get what I wanted… could have finished it better but it works


I’m thinking about doing that now, I’ve broken a few RDCs and having something a bit more durable would be nice. Although I’m using a 3D printed wallet now, which would protect the RDC better, but still, that seems cool! Lol

I carry a diagnostic card, and the field detector card

Field detector is bad at quick checking for hf / lf but good at finding the sweet spot


Do you guys not bring your diagnostic card around? I guess not every implantee has one but I feel like it’s kind of a necessity if you are using your implants at more places than just your house. Also, it’s a diagnostic card, you can use it for DIY projects too! I don’t really carry my field detectors any more though as I thought the keychain form factor was a little cumbersome with my keys,

It’s the size of a credit card so I figure why not keep one in my wallet (not that I really need it, but it is fun).

Though I have learned to be careful with it, not everyone follows spec. I blew the LF side of one of my cards seeing what frequency my magsafe charger uses (guess which lol)


I guess that most people use them :card_diagnostic_dt: similar to myself :man_shrugging:

I carry one :card_diagnostic_dt: in my wallet, just slap it on a reader and 95% of the time, there’s your answer.

The xFDs :xfd: on the other hand, I dont carry keys at all, ∴ I don’t carry a keyring, ∴ I dont carry xFDs in my pocket.

I do however carry the xFDs in my backpack, and they come out if I’m struggling with a reader and the orientation for a xSeries.

Although I would like to say the DT Diagnostic card SHOULD be the best on the market, in my experience, it is not quite as good as the Proxgrind RF Field detector, they perform similarly, but the difference being, I have found IN MY EXPERIENCE the Proxgrind RF Field detector will “see” the frequency on some readers where the DT diagnostic card maynot, but never the other way around.
Because of the form factor, this again lives in my backpack with the xFDs, because the DT Diagnostic card, is more than good enough for MOST situations and fits in my wallet, which I do carry with me. Plus it’s FREE

Here’s an uncommon, but still valid example of a Proxgrind “win” over a DT Diagnostic Card


Nah, I use implants for that. I don’t want to carry anything.


Guess I could get a few blinkies instead. But I’m not going to give up Qi charging and don’t want to fry an xLED while putting my phone down.

also, the LF version is out of stock

It would be really tough to fry an LF xLED with a Qi charger. You’d need to have it carefully positioned between the charger and an active device and even then I’m not sure.

I posted a video testing it awhile ago but I’ll try and do a better one soon.

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I had two diagnostic cards. I was working on some project, couldn’t figure out what specifically but I kept thinking I broke my pm3. Turned out I had a bad diagnostic card. Ended up tossing it in a box of stuff I sent Amal.

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Interesting to hear your experience with the Diagnostic Card. I bought one a few months ago, and I was puzzled when a few readers at my work, (which only uses LF cards that I know of,) didn’t seem to light up the LF side of the card even though they’ll read clones of my LF work card just fine. (The LF half of the card definitely works, so it’s not a defect or anything.) I have a Flipper, which is also able to detect the LF duty cycle of the readers in question and successfully emulate the card.

Ordered a Proxgrind Detector to add to my collection. :slight_smile:


Did you approach the reader slowly?
It may pick up the reader from further away :man_shrugging:

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You say that but I blew out the LF side of one of my cards by hovering a few cm over a magsafe charger. I only have an iPhone so I don’t have any Qi charging hardware, but certainly worth being cautious around. Fortunately I have spares that I can use instead.

From my understanding, magsafe is just Qi charging with a ring of magnets around it. And my android phone can charge from magsafe pads without a problem. It’s just that alignment takes a little more effort with regular old Qi.

Oh hey that’s pretty cool. I didn’t realize that they used Qi. I just assumed Apple being Apple redesigned everything to keep people locked into their ecosystem, claiming to be making everything better


Yup, cards couple much better with a flat Qi charger coil. The little xLED cylindrical coils couple very poorly. I’d be surprised if you could squeeze even 5% of the energy out the polling pulses, and those have something like a 500ms interval, plenty of time to let things cool down.

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