DIY NFC car lock

Well my car doesn’t have any lock/unlock button. As I said, I installed the thing, so the only thing it has is a receiver, a lock lift inside the door and a remote.

I will take a video of the inside so you can picture it, because it’s a very rough and different car. Everything is mechanical, there is no buttons inside, no heater buttons, the windows have a handle, no buttons and no electronics, no nothing. The AC are two flaps that you open and you get air from the outside. The radio and the heater were nonexistent until I installed them as a mod. That’s why I don’t know which way to go, and since I’m relatively new to this electronic world, I don’t know what’s available out there.

And Scottish people aren’t thieves, they’re just nice people. :joy:

Edit, I forgot to say, I’m sick of not being able to see images or videos. I can only see YouTube attachments in some posts, but in this post I can’t see nothing. :pensive:
I tried with the installed forum on my home screen, with Edge, Chrome, and no luck. Still can’t see any image.

have a look at something like this to actually get central locking working this is so generic that it should work on pretty much everything.

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Sorry, Meant the button(s) on the remote.


Have you tried logging out and back in?
Or a restart?

What devices do you have available to use the interwebs? Phone, computer etc?

Picture View Troubleshooting 1o1



No, That is a great project, I’m looking forward to the Lock / unlock side of it

Plug on your behalf


If it you can test it with a relay and switch before full install if it works I assume you could wire it all up to a reader and feed it to the door panel or any area of choice really and use your implant to control the central locking and still maintain the use of the key for the door, if ofcourse your central locking on the center console works without the keys needing to be in the ignition like some cars

I’m not a car guy myself so never actually messed with the electronics in one but my assumption is it shouldn’t be too hard to modify that button to work in your favour

Especially if you have a battery In the reader like deadlock ones have

Problem is getting to the switch

Yh, I can imagine my friend wanted a new stereo in his berlingo and getting into the centre console to fit the double header unit was a nightmare, ended paying someone to do it :joy: