Does anyone have VR or be interested in VR content?

Who here has VR capabilities? I got an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas, and that lead me to pick up an EOL but cheap Lenovo Mirage 180° stereoscopic 3D camera to take 3D photos and videos. My question at this point really has to do with making specialty 3D content for Patreon or whatever. Just wondering who might all be interested in that.

… and now for my Hello World goofy-ass selfy…


Oculus quest 1

And yes VR is cool

I’ve got a Quest 1 as well, also interested.

Rift S, and yes please :slight_smile:

Valve Index!

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I got an htc vive. Haven’t used it in a while because last college semester kicked my ass and my computer was broken over break.

3D product store?!

I have been interested in getting an oculus for some time, I don’t usually have alot of time for video games so I figured it would be a waste for me.

Also been interested in the DJI goggles for my mavic pro, I feel I’d also get bored with those.

Me either, but I must make time for working out on my recumbent bike… so I play while I ride.

Ha! Hmm man I wonder if VRML has seen an update since the 1990s… could make a VRML store!

This would be much more exiting if it was what I read it as: VR Combat

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Got rid of my rift in July of last year :pensive:
Quest 2 coming soon tho

HTC vive pro, YES!

Can I also say “POV Amal” sounds very wrong in a English accent.


Oh man actually POV install videos might be kinda cool!

POV : you are the implant :wink:


Got Quest 2 as well.

I had an OG Rift and have a Insta360 EVO.

I had considered doing a POV install in 3D but never got around to it. Got rid of my Rift a few months ago because of facebook’s move to completely swallow the Oculus userbase into their ecosystem.
It’s one of the reasons I never spent money on their Oculus store.

My Insta360 Evo also does 360 photos and videos which is cool.

The best part of VR for me was sharing it with other people, back when we could have people over whenever we wanted without worry…

My brother was building a house with his family on the other side of Europe and would take 360 photos with his phone and send them to me and I would load them on my Rift and show them to my mother. She loved seeing it.


Because of all the various device ecosystems, I’d probably
Recommend uploading vr videos directly to YouTube should simply things on the compatibility side of things

Nah, host them on the DT server. YT has horrible compression which makes VR a terrible experience

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Porn hub works to they don’t do compression … just sayin


“Darling, leave me alone for the next hour, I need to check the DT news!” :wink:


Have they not changed to verified accounts only for uploads now since the whole fucking religious assholes made Visa/Mastercard pull out from payments there?

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