Enthusuastic Aussie noob choosing chip and door lock

Hi there,

After years of wanting this, I am finally in a place where I can change my door lock out. So I was hoping for some guidance.

I’m in Australia, so this limits some of my choices, but I am considering the Samsung shp-dp609 as it seems to be the only model with both NFC and RFID capability.
I can’t find the frequency specifications for it.

No chip yet, I would love something with an LED, so I’m assuming the Blue xSIID Bundle is my best choice?

I don’t have any specific plans for other chip uses yet. Maybe my gym tag, but any future projects will be based around the chip I have.

Thank you in advice!

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Mǝlɔoɯǝ ʇo ʇɥǝ Ⅎoɹnɯ :australia:

It sounds like you have a good plan, there are plenty of people here that can help you out with advice, including a few Aussies.
What City are you in? You may have a local Cyborg that can help you out in person :man_shrugging:

This should help you out

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Thank you for this!

I’m in Melbourne.

And yes, I’ve checked the Matrix, correct me if I’m wrong but the Samsung shp isn’t on there?

A lot of the locks on there are hard to find in Australia.

Hoping for some guidance specifically around the shp-dp609 model.

Though I will totally take suggestions outside of that.

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Perfect. Simply perfect. Here’s a Vegemite sammer for you.


Bunnings should have a few, and hopefully out on display.
They will often have their access fobs for you to test the doors with.

Download TagInfo onto your phone, go to Bunnings, scan the fobs with TagInfo, and share the results here.

We should hopefully be able to point you in the right direction.

This might also give you some links to people that may be able to help you out locally, especially when it comes to cloning and even enrolling etc.

Oh that’s immensely helpful, thank you so much!
I’ll do a Bunnings run on Saturday

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Just as an FYI, I went to 4 different bunnings and their display was very lacking. Not much info to be gleaned and very limited range.

But I have found and purchased something from a little, local mob.

I’ve installed the lock, but haven’t had time to play with the cards yet (moving house is a pain) I will update as things progress.
Though interestingly, this was the only lock I found online that actually listed the RFID frequncies in the specs.

That’s a Pity; the Bunnings in NZ have quite a few out, although It can vary from store to store.

Oh well, at least you found something.

I look forward to the update, goodluck with the move