Experience with implants in daily usage

My question is not about the usage of an implant for payment or as an access-card
or other stuff. It’s more about the longterm “physical” usage.

What do I mean with that?

From the implant point of view will need two implants which are best placed between
the thumb and the pointer finger.

For potential access-card it will be the right hand because the terminals are reachable
from the right hand.

For payment it will the left hand because the used terminals have their sensor most
on the top or on the left side.

But…I’m an intensiv cyclist and if you have a ride about 50km or more the most
preasure is just between the thumb and the pointer finger :slight_smile:
Ok the pressure comes from the front and not to the top of the skin where the
implant will be placed.

Is there any experience how far in the implant should be placed to get out of the
danger zone?
Is there enough place not to interact with any artery or nerves?



Position 0 should be rather safe with the implant at around the middle of the second metacarpal.

But do take a little care for the first few weeks while it heals.

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My 2 cents, should be fine

My left hand has 6-10 depending how you count and it doesn’t cause any issues

I’m not a high level athlete, but I’m no stranger to a bike, the implant shouldn’t interfere with your webbing

If you want to test it out, take a qtip and cut it down to 3/8 of an inch or so and tape it to the back of your thumb webbing

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It’s no bicycle, but I do about 160km/day several times a week on a motorcycle and haven’t had any issues :+1:

The vibration and pressure have not been an issue at all.


I have several implants in my hands already, including between the thumb and point we finger on each hand specifically. I honestly stopped noticing them very quickly when the swelling went down and haven’t had them cause any issues since I implanted 3 years ago.

I worked in an office for some time and there was points where I would have to shred documents and couldn’t put staples through. So I used my magnet implant to hold all the staples as I worked and found it surprisingly useful.


@invalid_signal has used an xG3v2 for a similar purpose:

That looks extremely useful if you ask me. And derailing the thread, is that a G-Shock?

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It is! Got it for EMT school. They won’t accept digital watches, it has to have a second hand. I’m finally going to start EMT school now that I got laid off from tower climbing XD

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I have a G-Shock but it doesn’t have a second hand. Although most of the time, the watch that’s on my wrist doesn’t even have a battery…

I should wear my G-Shock more often, it’s a great watch.

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