F in Chat for my implants

I had 2 flex implants, a flexnt and flexdf2.

As of ~1AM, I have 2 dead flex implants. I suspect it was improper installation, as a tool was used to handle them before they were inserted, and I was too big a noob to know better. COVID and commercialholiday 2020 have slowed my replacement plans, but hopefully something will happen in 2021.

Please press F to remember my fallen chippybois


I would, discourse doesn’t allow me to just leave a F

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Is it that the antenna coil is damaged?

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Big F

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Location of implants?

More importantly, did you implant Flex implants with compromised bio coating?

Yeah probably lol, unknowingly. They’re in my knife edges, 1 per hand.

I gotta get them out soon hopefully, bloody covid

makes me reconsider knife edge location

That makes yet another flip

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Don’t wait too long to get them out. There’s a fair chance the biopolymer has been breached by your tools, and your bodily fluids may be in contact with non-biocompatible innards of the implants. I hope not for your sake, but if it’s happened, that’ll soon turn into major bad news.

I’ve never understood choosing the knife edge. Anybody who’s ever banged their fist on a table would immediately dismiss it as a valid option.

It’s an awfully convenient location for payment in particular.

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Mh, feeling bad for you…

How long did you have them in? Did you do anything “unusual” with your hands that might have lead to a trauma?

If they really failed because of the tools, I would a) get them out as soon as possible, for the reasons Rosco stated and b) talk to your installer about it (he might be taking them out anyway), so he knows that they have to be handled more carefully if he ever implants flexies again.

I guess a broken encapsulation is equally bad everywhere xD

And using it with a phone looks kinda cool aswell!

I’m kind of windering if was an encapsulation failure or failed due to location related

I went to the ER (nobody else open :frowning: ) and they just brushed me off, said it was “cosmetic” and told me to see a dermatologist.

I’m not doing anything on the 25th but should I go back and press harder on the 26th? I don’t want to blow it out of proportion but I also don’t want to leave it if it needs to come out.

Realistically, what’s the chance that 2 implants implanted at the same time and then fail so close to each other were just both bad and not a implantation error? I don’t even remember clearly if the dude used tweezers on my implants but i saw the video that amal posted hitting the implant with a screwdriver and hammer so is it really that big a deal?

That test shows how robust the implants really are.
I am very surprised that 2 implants at the same would fail.
What tests have you done to confirm?

I think the “big deal” is more the risk of bio-fouling.
If tools were used, and they have damaged the surface of the bio-polymer, this may provide an area for this to occur.

Do you have any sign of infection?

if you are not familiar with biofouling use the forum search function, and you will find a few explanations, such as this one

Seriously? That’s crazy. Did you explain the implants’ biological inertness might be compromised?

ikr? one failed, and then literally the day i got the warranty replacement in the mail, the other failed. about 3-4 weeks between them failing.

I’ve attempted to read their ID’s with the KBR1, read their ID’s with a ubiquiti access NFC lock, read their NDEF data with a Samsung S10+, attempted reads with the NXP provided taginfo app, and NFC Tools Pro app. The only thing I can think of is a proxmark (edit: oops) but i don’t have one. Good idea though, I’ve sent off a help request to my local hackerspace, someone there should have one.

Hm, maybe not? I haven’t noticed any infection,redness, swelling, etc from an infection. Really, the only thing I have to go on is them failing and I don’t see how a biofilm will affect that, unless it absorbs 13mhz better than my swelling did right after implantation.

I tried but i got kinda shuffled out. unless something comes up I’m going to go back and be a bit more firm on the 26th. gd christmas grumble grumble

The thing is, if the coating is damaged, you may not get a full-on infection, but the device might be releasing nasty stuff in your bloodstream, like metallic compounds and whatnot. I’m surprised a medical professional didn’t consider this an emergency.

Then again it’s the ER. You can find the best and the worst of medical profession at the ER. Sounds like you were dealt with by the latter.

The more I research the biopolymer the more I’m thinking that it’s not damaged. it wasn’t handled at all roughly by the installer, the tweezers he used were blunt and IIRC plastic coated, I just can’t remember if he held my skin up with them or the implant itself.

In any case, unless i can get a proxmark in a few days, I’m gonna kick up a storm and get them pulled out, they’re old and busted anyways. I need some new hotness installed when the pandemic is over.