Fidesmo app bug for Apex on iOS / iPhone

At this time, Fidesmo’s app for iPhone has a critical bug in that it will not present you with a “connect services” button once you scan your Apex. To get around this problem, you will need to manually deploy applications.

Once you can your Apex, you should see a screen that says “No connected services” like this;

To deploy applicaitons manually, you will have to go to settings and then turn on manual delivery;

Then on the device screen, tap the Manual Delivery icon

Pick the app ID from the list below and appropriate service ID, like this;


Here is a list of app IDs and service IDs for each;

  • 30c2ea30 - VivoKey SmartPGP
    • install - installs the applet
    • destroy - removes the applet (ALONG WITH KEYS!)
  • e819c674 - VivoKey Tesla Keycard
    • install - installs the applet
    • destroy - removes the applet (ALONG WITH CAR REGISTRATION!)
  • cc68e88c - VivoKey FIDO (U2F/FIDO2)
    • install_u2f - installs the U2F applet
    • install_fido2 - installs the BETA of the FIDO2 applet
    • destroy - removes the fido applet (removes applet ALONG WITH KEYS!)
  • 61b4b03d - VivoKey NDEF Container
    • ndef1k - installs the 1kB size container
    • ndef2k - installs the 2kB size container
    • ndef4k - installs the 4kB size container
    • ndef8k - installs the 8kB size container
    • ndef16k - installs the 16kB size container
    • destroy - removes the applet (and data!)
  • 61fc54d5 - VivoKey OTP Authenticator
    • install - installs the applet
    • destroy - removes the applet (AND KEYS!)
  • 2f2e363b - VivoKey HMAC-SHA1
    • install - install the applet
    • destroy - removes the applet (AND KEY!)

Much needed quick tutorial. Quick question though,
What happens to my keys when I remove an applet?


Success! Thanks!



Hey, for anyone wanting OTP’s on iPhones, this app: Token2 Companion seems to work with the U2F applet, sith the FIDO2 it seems to have troubles connecting. (Since there is no VivoKey OTP app on iPhone)

Android Version here

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