Finally made my car implant compatible

That would be an important part of the design and solution.

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Unfortunately I completely forgot about it :disappointed_relieved: oh well new board coming up :smiley:

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Oops, sorry.
IMPORTANT, but not essential… unless you don’t mind having to remember to change the fob battery on occasion and risk being locked out…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah I really missed it and I definitely think if were going to do it do it right. I’ll even put a jumper for 1.5 or 3v as I’ve seen both in car keys :slight_smile:

I’ve also been thinking this is all great on getting you in the car but then what maybe what we really want is a dangerous things car entry, imobiliser bypass and push button start :smiley:

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NOW you are talking!
FYI I have also seen a few 12v Key Fobs…


Cool 12v to not a problem


Lol, sounds like feature creep is starting to happen…

Ah yes, the dreadful A23 / A27 batteries, which are nothing more than 8 stacked watch batteries in a wrapper, sold at anus-tearing prices.


Yeah, I think though this is more oversight than anything it definitely needs to power the key tbh.

Just so people dont think I’ve forgotten this I still the ambition to do this. Work or lack there of at the moment has gotten in the way once I get back on my feet I’ll push forward with this.

I did have the though as to wether it would be worth slapping a micro controller in there that would allow me to set different actions dependant on time triggered? In the long run a full custom solution would be great (no xAC at all but the same and more functionality)


Right so i had some issues with rev 1;

  • not triggering some remotes (too fast)
  • no power option for the remotes

So i give you rev 2

  • Variable voltage for the keyfob (1.25 - 12v)
  • User variable trigger time (0.1 - 2.1s switch time)
  • General tidy

Note this will not fit in the same place as rev 1 (unfortunately) however can still fit into the xAC housing if you want (without modification) however i envision a sort of Y-harness between the xAC and this box the simplify installs.

Please please please review add comments and ask questions!

I am still working on a complete car / motorcycle / whatever implant entry and start system the idea if for it to work with any id you can put onto a 5577 chip (please dont hold your breath just yet :wink: )


Amazing work mate, and an awesome contribution to the community. :+1:
My PCB skills are not good enough to critique your work, but it looks like you have fixed the issues from Rev1.
Looking forward to you working with Amal / DT to bring this to the market and the community.



same story here where i have no idea whats going on but it will definately be nice to have a premade solution… currently setting up my own system using an rfid unlocked push button kit and ill use an arduino to detect when that locks and unlocks and output to the door lock controls.
its a mess and an all in one solution will be nice


Imma leave these here:

Still need some little pots as they where out of stock when getting the boards populated and I’m annoyed they put there own fiduciary holes but hay how they look pretty :heart_eyes:


The Toggleator ©®™ does look pretty.


Just when I think this community cannot impress me more. Fantastic looking device add-on you’ve created. No doubt this will make implant enabling the Fiero easier.
Thank you for all your hard work!


Looking good m8. Where do you get to them fabed?


A UK company based down the road from me, I can get them fabricated “cheap” in a UK sense (nothing on China prices) because we deal with them at work.


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indeed. i think it’s time we talk about reader modules… because the inevitable is happening… the supplier I buy the XAC from is basically out of good quality stock. The last order for several hundred came in terrible shape… moldy… rusty… nasty… stinky… basically I think he’s dredging them up from the bottom of a sewage pit. Unsellable. We have limited stock left and we’re planning a transition away from the XAC… so perhaps it’s a good time to start chatting about commercializing a Toggleator solution that can be used with various reader modules out there. That would mean including the ability to manage IDs on the Toggleator board, not letting the pulse input do that. I have ideas… let’s talk soon.