First batch of LF circular antenna for pm3 easy

Hello y’all,

Its finally here, the fist batch of LF circular antenna for our beloved PM3 easy! SOON™ never comes fast enough …
I now have developed some procedures to make them a bit faster, so hopefully it wont be as long for the next batch …

I made these as a need for a better antenna for glassie implants. I get much better read and write to them than the original flat antenna; while still working on full flat card perfectly (I don have any flex implant to test them on, but I don’t expect it to have any problem).
It’s been over a year since the first prototype I made, and its been permanently installed on my PM3 since. I use it in the field on a regular basis and never needed to go back to the original antenna.
Every antenna is numbered and I have the “hw tune” values for each one if you want to get a look at it.

These antenna are a direct replacement to the stock antenna: unscrew the 4 mounting screws from the original antenna, and swap in the new one, its that easy.
Note that the circular antenna is a bit thicker and press on the “middle PCB” of the PM3, this does not cause any issue but I have not tested it on PM3 that have the middle PCB removed; I recommend leaving the middle PCB on there to protect the electronics on the lower board (it may be fine, but i have not tested it …).

Price (all in USD):

  • Complete antenna: $65 + shipping ($10 in the US tracked and insured)($20 to Europe, tracked but not insured)
  • DIY kit: Not ready yet … soon™?
  • Blank PCB (just the naked PCB, nothing else): $5 + shipping (if you are getting a complete antenna too, i will fit in the box at no extra shipping cost)

Payment: at this time its Paypal only.

I will keep this thread updated so scroll to the bottom for current stock.
If there is any questions, feel free to reach out :+1:

Here is what it looks like when installed:

And a foamily picture of the first batch:

Here are some notes/fine print/how I operate:

  • This first batch is only available here, we’ll see how it goes from here :yum:
  • I work a full time job and travel a lot, so I may not be able to ship right away, i will communicate with you on shipment and timeline when appropriate.
  • No payment due until I have everything on hand and I’m ready to ship!
  • For the US, I ship everything priority mail with tracking. International shipping available, buyer pays the extra cost. (all shipping is at cost).

PS: for those interested, there is a bit more info and pictures/process:

Thanks for your time,


I currently have 6 antennas on hand :+1:

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I’d like one.

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I also would like one

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Me as well :slight_smile:



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I know :unamused:
Open to suggestions :grin:

Also, current status:
2 are shipped
1 is spoken for
3 are available

I didnt imagine this going so quick, I will get started o nteh next batch and i will also have the “DIY Kit” ready.
The kit will have everything you need just not assembled or tuned (PCBA, core, wire and all the heat shrink).

Again, big thanks to everyone for the support.


Any idea about the shipping costs to Europe?
I’m afraid it’ll be quite high, and there’s an import tax for stuff from outside the EU too :unamused:

I just shipped one to Europe and it was $20 shipping with an expected $18 of import tax.
PS: I classify them as “computer parts” in the USPS system to try to get lower import tax; item description says “Proxmark replacement antenna”


Have you looked at


Received today and installed.

For those with the Proxmark3 x, this needs to be installed with the antenna to the left, you can move your battery to the right with no issues with clearance.

I also realized that I have a bad diagnostic card. Doesn’t read LF at all. Had to bust out a backup card.


Can you get a read?
The post that connect the antenna to the main board are the 2 on the middle, they need to be connected to the plated holes (they look on the top on your picture)
You could flip the board “upside down” with the lettering facing the main board.
If the PM3X has different connection for the antenna, please disregard :grin:

Ill take some pictures tonight trying show better what I mean :+1:

Yeah on the 3x the antenna connector is the two top pins. You could also jumper the post from the top to the middle pin. Which I think I’m going to do to redesign the top part of the case since the board didn’t fit right in this orientation.

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I didn’t realized they switched the antenna connector around :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the info. If I make another run of boards I’ll look at adding the jumper on the board itself

Ps: if it happens I’ll send you a replacement board too :+1:

I appreciate you sir

If there are still any available, I’d love one.

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Same here, if there’s any available, I’d like to put my name down

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I am intrested in this @XEMON if it is still available.

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Little update:

  • 4 are shipped or about to :partying_face:
  • 1 is spoken for
  • 1 is available

Thanks everyone for the interest and support.

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Hi @XEMON ! I’m super interested and would love to buy!!

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