Is anyone interested in LF circular antenna for PM3 easy? (With interest poll))

Hello y’all,

Not sure if it’s ok to post this or if it’s the right place.
If not, feel free to delete this thread.

I made a PCB prototype for an LF antenna for my PM3.
The first version (proof of concept) was 3D printed and worked great, so went ahead and got a PCB made (r0)
It did have a small issue and a few things I didn’t like, but it works great.

I have done small batch production in the past, but they are time consuming and usually barely cover cost :sweat_smile:
So I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in a DIY kit (PCB+direction+heat shrink, maybe core?) Or complete plug’n’play antenna?
If I go the complete antenna, I’ll need to make a few fixtures and that may raised my cost …

Basically I’m asking if I should make a run of PCB before releasing it all to the wild :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS: the next rev of board is already designed with r0 resistor instead of the wire jumper (cleaner esthetics) and clear shrink tube would be holding the antenna in place.

And thanks to @Pilgrimsmaster for the idea, here is a poll so I can gauge better everyone interest

  • Definitely want one! So … How soon can you you ship?
  • Probably depending on cost and final details
  • Probably not, don’t really have a need
  • Why? What’s a PM3?

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Also, are people more into a plug’n’play or a DIY kit?

  • Plug’n’play
  • DIY kit

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Hope asking this is OK,
Thanks everyone for the help and support,



Thanks,means a lot from you :sweat_smile:

I guess I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth getting the next rev PCB done. It has r0 resistor instead of the jumper wire …

Might also get some clear heat shrink to hold the antenna in place :grin:

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I liked your design from the first time I saw it, and now, just a little bit more so since you are offering it out to the community. :+1:

I would get one, But I already have the DT LF antenna for my RDV4.
But, I would encourage any PM3 Easy owners that have ever struggle to read / write to their LF implants to strike whist the iron is hot.

You might want to consider making a poll to guage interest?
if you “show who voted”, you could sort of use that as an order obligation :man_shrugging:

If you need a hand building the Poll, just shoot me a DM

Just thought I would jump in to let you know your hard work and sharing is appreciated

heres a
for you

Thats what started the whole this whole project :sweat_smile:

That’s a great idea, looks like I figured out how to make it, but didn’t found the show who voted option.

:partying_face: Thanks

It may also be worthwhile to order some coils pre-wound from a company like this. You can reach out with specs for your antenna and since it’s large they’ll let you get a lower order quantity at a higher per-unit cost. In the end though it will be more economical for you, if you can get interest from 20-30 people. Might be worth reaching out on the Iceman discord to see if there’s any interest there.

If you want any help with antenna characterizing or PCB design to make it spiffy feel free to reach out.


You cant change the poll after 5 mins of publishing, so itf you want to change it, you’ll need to delete and start again, I just checked and there is only 1 vote at the moment.
You could copy the poll “script” and change the the bit where it says “show who voted” from “no” to “yes”

Then paste the new poll and delete the old :man_shrugging:

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Ok, thanks everyone for the help and feedback.

I got the who voted figured out so you may have to vote again :sweat_smile:

As for the Iceman discord, that sounds like a great idea, but I don’t have discord … I’m probably one of the last prick without face de book and alike …

I have more respect for you for that, I don’t think you are a prick at all.
I despise social media, so I’m with you on your stance.

Sometimes, you have to go where the information is:-
YouTube for example, It fucken sucks, BUT there is some great info on that shit platform.

I use Discord for Flipper Zero and IceMan RFID and some crypto Servers.

And obviously here on Discourse for the DT forum.

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Major update, got the PCB!

Put one together, I haven’t done SMC soldering in a bit and it shows :sweat_smile:

And put the antenna I had on my prototype, wrapped it in heat shrink.

And it works :grin:


Ok, I have a bit of time to put into this again :sweat_smile:

I’ve used the antenna quite a bit and it pairs perfectly every time :+1:

Im waiting on my re-flow plate to come in, this should speed the process up a bit for the soldering and I’ll start on the coil. The DIY kit will also be available.

Once I have a first batch together and I crunch the numbers I’ll have a price point for them, and I’ll make a dedicated threads with all the details.


Ok, I got 10 boards ready, I want to ket a few for drop in, the rest is gonna be diy kit right now.

I’ll make the count tomorrow and make a thread for them :+1:


Got the antenna testing board setup, and have 6 cores on hand :partying_face:

I’ve got a project for Sparrow that I’d like to finish and send them this weekend, hopefully I’ll have some time to get some antennas done :+1:

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Soon™ in action :sweat_smile:

I’m slowly gonna pick this project back us as I have more machines to make things more manageable …


What would assembly of the cores likely end up entailing? So folks can figure out if it’s in their skillset?


You make a good point :blush:

Assembling the core takes a few steps.

  1. wrap the wire around the core
  2. test the resistance and inductance of the antenna
  3. adjust if needed
  4. compute the extra resistance needed (if any) and solder it on the board
  5. test the antenna on the proximal
  6. adjust if needed

Repeat 5 and 6 until it’s where we want it :+1:

When I find the time, I’ll make a few antennas, I’ll make a small writeup about how to do it.


Got 6 antenna going, and working on the “DIY kit”.

The kit will include everything you need:

  • PCB with soldered r0
  • ferrite core
  • plenty of wires to wind it a few times
  • all the heat shrink needed to make it hold together nice and pretty :grin:

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We got a new category for this now!


Awesome thanks :+1:

When they’re ready I’ll post there.


Soon™ never been so close to reality :grin: