First Implant and it was an Adventure

Yesterday my first implant arrived in the mail, NExT with a Proxmark3 Easy. I opted for the self install. I know its not the best course of action but it felt like the right thing to do. Made it feel more cyberpunk.

Made sure my work area was nice and clean. I took an ice pack and placed it on L0 for about 10 minutes then I prepped the area with the included alcohol wipe. Moment of truth. I took the needed and started to insert it. Ice pack did its job and made it so I could barley feel the needle. Little more pressure, nice and slow. Pop! In went the needle. Holy snap, I just stuck a needle in my hand. I made a little pocket for the implant and depressed the plunger. Its in. I pulled out the needle and this is where the fun begins.

As soon as I took the needle out and I started to bleed, my hands started to shake. I struggled to get the bandage on to cover the wound. My hearing felt like I had a pillow over my ears. I got blurred vision and I just started to sweating. Dripping cold sweat. Skin got clammy. I had no idea what was going on. Panic tried to get its grip on me but I managed to keep it at bay. I controlled my breathing and elevated my legs. I felt like I wanted to vomit. After about a minute I went into my living room and laid down on the couch. Cat must have known something was up. He had that look of worry in his furry face. After about 15ish minutes I felt like nothing ever happened. At first I thought it was a panic attack or shock. After some reading I found out its something called “vasovagel”.

Well now that the fun stuff is over with. Now I can program the chip and begin to wow my friends. I already have it programmed for my work access card. This morning when I went to let myself in, you should have seen the massive smile on my face. This is seriously the coolest thing ever!




Definitely why it’s recommended to have an assistant when you do a self-install. Not only can they help you install, hold skin, prep bandage, etc. In the event of you passing out or being unable to continue, they can help finish the job. (And take care of you until you come around.) :slightly_smiling_face:

And as always,


You did the right thing by stepping aside and not freaking out … It hit you like a ton of bricks and is gone as fast as it comes …

Ho and:


I get this really bad and have to prepare by lying down from the get-go.


I’ve only experienced this once before but it was when I was getting blood drawn for some tests. I thought it was just from the blood loss. It wasn’t a ton but more then just getting a cut.

Now that I have my first implant and know what to expect, I’m looking at a vivokey now. Tho I’m going to do some more reading on that first.

I got the vasovagal effect on my first one. Was about 15 minutes before I started feeling better too. Having a good meal beforehand helps me.

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This was what was recommended by my installer. Have a solid meal about an hour beforehand it will greatly reduce the chances of almost passing out. When I had my Titans installed I almost passed out like 3 times because I hadn’t eaten recently. What also helps with it is drinking warm suger water. it makes it pass a lot faster.


I found on my installs, having about 7 or 8 beers beforehand and letting your mates watch you get stabbed, tends to keep me conscious.


If I had 7 or 8 beers, trying to keep me in the chair would be like trying to hold back water with a barbed wire fence.

Just, Bloop-splat.


Welcome! Implants are awesome, aren’t they?

tenor (41)

I assume that you cloned your work badge to the T5577 in you hand? Do you have any plans to replace the locks at home?

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Yeah. I used the Proxmark 3 Easy to clone it.

Unfortunately no. I just rent a room in a house. Tho I do plan on getting a safe that can be used with the NExT.


Some inspiration


It happens to the best of us, my Dad is a career Firefighter EMT, seen it all. Still passes out after all these years if he gets his blood drawn. Brains are weird

Yeah. I am Australian. We have to drink because of all the scary snakes, spiders, sharks, scorpions, crocodiles which are out to kill us. Alcohol reduces the effect of their venom (maybe not for the crocs or sharks though).

PS - I am exaggerating of course… We drink because New Zealand is next door… :slight_smile:


Sorry/You’re welcome. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I was expecting a comment about we drink to make the kangaroos look more attractive…

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