First round of chips for work access

Hi, thinking of using a xEM at R9 to replace my work access card. The readers don’t work well with the thin card they gave me. I was thinking R9 would allow a fist bump to the reader, and allow to rotate the orientation easily.
I have also been considering a xled LF at R3. I am hoping it would glow when I scan in.

I am saving L4R4 and L0R0 for HF chips. This would be phase one, thinking a cheap blue cloner for now to get me to the next phase.

Thoughts on this?

Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Not to be an ass right off the bat, but I’m not sure that an x series would work for your purpose all that well. You mention having difficulties even with a full sized card, and the read range on those is usually quite a bit better then on a x series. Is this reader perhaps battery powered, or intended for fobs? Maybe a flex would be better suited for your application. Just a thought of course. I’m sure others will chime in.
Re blue cloner: if you can reasonably afford the price difference, I’d say spring for the Proxmark Easy. It is a bit more involved, but with a bit of learning it can be much more powerful. Be warned that the UI is not very user friendly at all :sweat_smile:
Edit: also, have you checked what type your work card is? Is it compatible with the xEM?

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Everything @anon7067117 said!

If you can give us any info about your current fob (pics of fob or reader) then we can help make sure the xEM is best. My first thought was also the range. You might be surprised how much less range an x series implant gets than a card. Also I always say that if you have the ability to do the work to learn the proxmark, it’s way better than any cloner

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Like @anon7067117 said of you are struggling with a full sized card, you will definitely struggle with an xSeries.

It doesn’t sound like you have any other implants yet, so I would reccomend going to the DT store grabbing some test equipment.
Or if you place your order it will be included.

When you have it, you can then decide where to place it.
With the diagnostic card you will be able to confirm frequency (if you haven’t already)

With the xFD you’ll get a pretty comparable idea to see if an xEM will work on your reader.( It is easier to harvest the energy to light up the LED in the xFD than a read of the xEM, so it is still not 100% guaranteed.

Can you provide any details on your work card reader?

For others playing along at home

Great in theory, but fingers are not reccomended for xSeries implants.
There would be very little meat between the glass and the bone and very little in the way of shock absorption = broken glass inside you, not a great option.

The xSeries are [hardy little bastards](https://Tests we’ve performed on our x-series tags) and you would likely be the first for that placement ( but ask yourself why!)

My first suggestion would be: If the xEM works, you would be better off getting a NExT in your R0 or L0. which will give you HF and LF

For you xLED you could put that alongside ( ⩾ 5mm)
your “other” HF implant in your other 0 position

Yeah, just saw @Locutus post above… also what he said

I wish this was the case. I believe @Equipter might have some implants in some position between 7 and 10

On the actual Proximal Phalange???

I do know there are some people with them placed between the knuckles ( Phalange and Metacarpal)

If Andy has them on the Phalange I might have to track down some pictures…Thanks

Just have to jump in here with a little question - what if someone wants to implant something really sturdy… like, a Titan… somewhere on P7-10? The Titan itself won’t suffer from any impact, but I guess it might be a bad idea because it transfers all force of impact directly to the bone?

I think @Ottomagne is planning something like that, but on the side of the finger

Yeah I read that, and the side of the proximal phalange was on my “maybe-list” as well, but I’m considering the top as well - just think for myself, the idea might be bad because of the above reasons :wink:

You might be right. I think the side is probably preferable, since the magnet would be less likely to be impacted (protected by the other fingers, and forces on the hand usually come from above/below, also, if they come from the side, they are transfered via the knuckles, since phalanges are thinner, and then the titan is not really a factor).

Re the force: if the titan would be impacted directly, it would concentrate all the force on a very small area (compared to a direct mpacting your fingerbone) and I think it would probably increase the risk of a fracture. Then again, any impact directly on the phalanges is risky.

True that… thanks for supporting my scepticism :wink:
Guess I might go with the knife edge… :thinking:

I think I might go with his placement. I would lose out on the lifting though. It would possibly also enable a needle install, since the skin is a lot less tout there.

yup ive got them in the base of two of my knuckles and one on the inside base of a knuckle

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Would you be so kind to tell us more? Are you afraid of impacting them? How is the usability? Did the install go well? I’m sorry I am just really curious! :slight_smile:

To expand more, I was hoping to save R4 for a Apex Max or payment chip. If R9 does not seem like a good idea, I could do it at the xEM at R4 and bump they future payment chip to R5.

Here is the card, I may not orient it properly when I use it. I think R4 is easier to present to a wall mounted door reader than R0. I wanted to post because R8 seems the easiest way to get the chip to closest to the reader but I can not find any examples of using these locations. When I think of R8, I figured it would be 10mm from top center of finger, left or right of the boney center. Any thoughts?

I originally saw a flex install video in a knife edge, but I have seen posts against this area. Plus that was a HF flex, the LF would pretty much have to be a flat skin install and I think I need some more experience with injects then wedges? then maybe disks.

Yeah what @anon7067117 said.

@DonFire was awesome and sent me a bunch of links to your posts on the Discord server, but they all landed on the “home” page and not on the posts themselves.

The search function is Shit on there also, unless you know what channel and what to specifically search for.

If you had some photos “handy” Andy ( see what I did there? :wink:)
that would be great.
Also a phrase or sentence where you are mainly talking about them and the installation ( or screen shot of chat)
That would be really appreciated

I imagine the usability would be really good but have you had any “good knocks?” or “oh shit moments”

I knock my hands around quite a lot and I don’t think they would last long in my hands at least.

I imagine it would not be particularly conducive with something like boxing, although there wouldn’t be direct impact I think that would still cause some brusing on the bone.
Rock-climbing it would get caught and “crushed” etc
Any other hand centric activities you are involved in, it would have to be a serious consideration.

I can see Amals phalanx FlexNT would be much a more suitable option over an xSeries but does not suit @RubixCubensis LF use

  • not an endorsement

You think I can convince Amal to answer a couple of question about his phalanx placement by promising to buy a batch2 titan? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think there is no harm in trying…