Flex implant viable locations


I have seen all sorts of things asking various questions about the sensitivity to touch among various other things that can be expected when using a flex implant. In anticipation for the Flex One, I will be asking for testimony on the other flex implants about where people have them placed.

I am looking to implant mine where the injectable implants are usually placed between the thumb and index finger, parallel to the index finger. Is there some reason this should not be done with a flex implant? If not is there another place on the hand they can be safely put, or is the forearm the best option?



Read Amal’s response in this thread.

While it’s flexible, its not meant to put in areas that will be flexing all the time. There is a lot of movement in that area which may not the best place for it.

Other hand locations I’ve seen are top of the proximal phalanges (if your finger is big enough), the back of the hand, and the “knife edge” (karate chop) area of the hand.

Installation of the flex is more involved than the X series. There are a lot of nerves, tendons and blood vessels in these areas so make sure you go to a qualified installer.


I have the flexDF in my left hand. It is on the side of the hand after the pimkie.

Warning for the pictures :wink:



Oh wow that’s more invasive than I thought! Waiting for a payment enabled implant then I’ll take that plunge :sweat_smile:


This was the vivokey flex :slight_smile:

The install in the forearm is easier and very fast
Sorry the picture isn’t perfect, the install was too fast to take a second picture

I got the flexDF in the UK ( DT partner)
The vivokey flex in Germany