flexNExT on hand healing process and info [regularly updated]

For anti-spin protection I might include small deformations around the outside circumference… little little teeth of a gear or cog… if it becomes an issue of course.


If you do make them as smooth as possible because on mine the edge of the implant pushes against the curve of the hand on the thumb and edge sides. I worry that “gear teeth” would “grind” against the skin there :wink: or make them thinner so that they curve downwards with the skin

Does that mean it’s going to keep slowly turning forever? Is this a very cool accidental feature or is it bad? It doesn’t hurt and I don’t feel it happening at all so I’m not too worried but still :sweat_smile:

Could you do it on the I.D. ?


Yeah I was thinking of scalloping where it’s a sine wave style not actually teeth :wink:

I think he means the inner diameter? That would only apply to the special one I made for @anon3825968 since the normal ones don’t have an inner hole.


Yeah, I.D. = Inner Diameter.

I kinda thought the inner hole style was gonna become a “thing”.

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The hole omits the T5577 so it’s not really a flexnext… more of a jumbo flexnt

Would the Apex variant theoretically have a similar hole, since it wouldn’t need a LF coil?

I doubt they would come in such a format.
99.9% sure it comes wedge shaped like flexM1 etc.

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You are correct…however
Whilst referring to the FlexNExT Here


According to my Bodymod-Artist, this depends a lot on how thick the skin in the area is - I wanted it on my chest first, and he clearly said that it would be hardly noticeable, so we decided to put it near the wrist, on the bottom of the arm (opposite to where a watch would be). It’s still healing, so I guess it will become even more visible, but currently I have fun with it every night - every time I turn and open my eyes, I see my wrist glowing^^
Definitely visible in a dark room and keeps glowing for several hours (without being “actively charged” by a lamp or such, just the usual light that’s around all day). So I can absolutely recommend these thingys (I suppose you’re talking about the ones Steve Haworth sells? Don’t know if there are others which might be different)

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Yeah, I was looking at the ones on his website, My hope is that the Apex will come with a hole in the middle, like the custom Amal made for Rosco, so everything anchors properly, and in theory the entire power button would light up from diffusing the LED’s on the implant. I’d be fine without a glow in the dark model, but if I’m going to go for it, why not have the extra feature


That would look just incredible - you absolutely have to share some pics when / if you get that done! I love the idea of combining bodymods with bodyhacking, I think there are sooo many possibilities… go for it! :wink:

@amal i would realy like your input on this or anyone who knows… Can it cause long term issues?

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I wish people didn’t consider them distinct entities. We’re already pretty small communities, we could only benefit from working together.


Absolutely agree on that, but in both communities, there are some prejudices against the other, in a way. Working together would be beneficial for all of us - more aesthetics for the bodyhacking (like, LED on chips and such), more functionality for bodymods.

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I’m so very close to buying one of these if my pierce is brave enough to install it but I am curious, is back of the hand going to be the go to for this beast?

I am also curious how limited the use of your hand is? surely that thing cant migrate to much due to its size?
Mind you, you would want to limit use just so it can heal I imagine.

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Had a shower thought, Could you use some of the paraleen or whatever the animal chips are coated in that forces adhesion,
But only place a strategic dot or 3 or line their would anchor it, but not overly so, that if need be could be cut free for removals

Unsure if that stuff is compatible with the polymer used or if it’s a all or none process

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good thought, but probably not a good idea. it’s a monomer, and cracks and flakes off like hell even when on rigid objects… it’d basically come apart on a flexible device. you’ll notice that the xBT has some anti-migration coating but it’s not a coating at all it’s kind of a rubber cap the glass slides into and is held by friction alone. other glass tags do have some kind of coating, but from what i can tell it’s not parlyene it’s something else.

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