Flipper RGB Mod :flipperzero_white:

I did a full wipe on it, formatted the SD card, factory reset, installed stock firmware, then Xterem via Qflipper. Turned on lights in settings, no go.

I do appreciate the offer. I screwed it up so I would not want you to send me a new board and cover any costs. I’d feel bad about that. If anything I’ll send you my flipper and if you can fix it awesome, I’ll pay you for your time as well as order one of your wifi boards, pre-assembled ofcourse :slight_smile:

If you can’t fix it, keep the flipper, I’ll buy an RGB board and wifi, and just order another flipper and try again. Or just keep it orange.

As for the damage to that connector, I was using the heat gun and went to look closer, didn’t pay attention. So far everything that I use my flipper for seems to be working so I think that is okay.

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It doesn’t look like it caused any big damage.

If that’s the route you wanna go send me a pm and I’ll shoot you my address.

To be fair I don’t think you caused any damage. It could be a bad board, but that’s the first I’ve had it happen if it is.

Didn’t worry about pay it isn’t necessary.


Will do. And again, thank you. However, no. I’ll pay and I’m sure I f’d this up. Your quality of work is superior and mine is sub-par. Plus I was basically doing this by brail. Lesson learned,

Either way I already ordered a new flipper because I do use mine a lot. And I’m impatient. I’m going to go on Tindie and order another RGB board and a wifi board from you. Now that you’ve helped me I’m sure I can get through this without a hitch. The CAT5 wires really made the difference. As well as being able to see.

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Hey I appreciate that but I no longer sell the WiFi board. I only had it enough to get rid of the bulk stock I had. If you wait to get yours back I’ll send you an extra RGB board for free man. No need to buy one. That will save me on shipping anyways.

Sent you a PM.

Also, could we test anything with a DMM? Either way works for me.

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It’s worth a try I’ll take mine apart and give you my readings either tonight or tomorrow.


Yep, that’s pretty evident
Your soldering is MUCH prettier to look at.

Haha, The irony, while I was doing mine, I was thinking
“I don’t even mind the orange, and it will probably stay orange for the entirety of its life”
Followed by
“I hope I don’t fuck my Flipper up doing this”
After I did it
“Phew, it works, and it will make a good project to share on the forum”

I should have documented mine a bit better as following the video guide was not as smooth as it could have been.


Thanks for the compliment. Being able to see really does help.

My wife even said “All this because you don’t like the color orange”. I said “yeah and I also ordered another flipper, clear case, different buttons, etc”…

She just shook her head and walked away.

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Ive gotten drawn into the world of LoRa. So my new projects have been creating solar nodes.

Wife today finally asks what im doing. Im like well i have been making these little solar nodes to put on my properties for off grid messaging.

~blank stare~ what?

In case the cell networks go down we can text each other anywhere in the city.

~blank stare~ How TF do you come up with this shit.


Update for the forum

Received @aw9d flipper today. He did everything right. The board was even in good condition. Best i can tell from the documentation was that somewhere along the way an internal fuze was popped and the positive terminal no longer received power.

The above post i mentioned another person running a jumper from the 3v3 pad to the positive terminal of the RGB board was the proper fix. Running the jumper and turning the flipper on and it popped to life. Screen times out as expected and everything works perfectly.

Sending the board back to @aw9d and its all in perfect working order. Good thing to because it is a launch black flipper :slight_smile:


Woooo Hooo! Thank you sir for checking that out for me. I really do appericate it.

Not all hero’s wear capes! (or maybe you do)

I’m pretty sure @Hamspiced does wear a cape tho :wink:

I could see that.

It’s just nice to know that there are still good people left in this crazy world we live in.

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Got my flipper back and re-assembled. Works perfectly! And @Hamspiced was cool enough to ship me another board for my second flipper I got. So I’m going to do that tonight.

Again, my wife “really, you’re going to do that again? Can’t you leave shit alone”

Me: …yes… no… big grin

Thanks again for all the help. Super awesome community here.


I’m having problems. I can’t get my wires to stick to the solder pads.

It’s brand new solder too.

I can even get anything to stick to the gpio pin.

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Few tips:

  • clean the board with qtips and 92% (or higher) isopropal alcohol

  • use flux!

  • make sure you’re applying enough heat to the board.

  • you’re using leaded solder. The board is almost certainly using lead free. I would recommend trying a good quality lead free solder. Lead free solder generally requires a higher working temperature to flow properly.

  • any pin that is connected to ground will require a little more heat than other pins, becuase the ground plane is usually a large sheet of copper and thus will take more heat away from your solder point


Ok, I used the isopropyl and cleaned stuff off. Used some flux and turned up the temp on the iron and I got some to stick!

It’s not pretty, but it makes the connections.

However, nothing is lighting up. And the SD card slot no longer works. Ugh…

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best guess is you’re unintentionally bridging some connections. Are you sure your solder joints aren’t touching any other components?

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Is this a new flipper purchased in the past 6mo?

The new flipper requires a small wire to be ran from the 3v3 pad to the positive terminal on the RGB board.

Flux also is probably the thing you’re missing here. You need something to help get through the oxidation layer in the factory solder.

Also always ensure you are using a clean, freshly tinned tip prior to soldering.