Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR


Seams like the us order placed on the website will ship “in the coming weeks” …

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Well, they’re moving forward :partying_face:

Do you have any updates on your delivery?


But YAY! for you


Can’t wait for my printer to arrive.

What did you get?

F*** you crack me up with Mr been :rofl: … Haven’t seen it since I was a kid (they don’t show the good wholesome stuff in the US …)

I get how they ended with opening some for the US, but it doesn’t look good for PR …
Hope you get yours soon :+1:

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Received mine a few days ago, got it from eBay as I was very late to the Kickstarter. I have a white one from the recent US restock coming soon. It’s a pretty nifty device and a lot more rigid and heavier than I expected. It’s nice to put it on the “read bank card” feature and light up my xSIID :slight_smile:

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how is the feature set on those now? are they capable of doing everything they were showing off on their KS page?

it’s been able to do all it was set out to do for a while. people misenterpreting what those features were/could do is where the problem came


Hey, can I propose/ask a favor?

I routinely lurk on the flipper discord, but I only understand a fraction of what I read

I see stuff is happening with git hub, but it’s mostly over My head

Could you make an occasional cliff notes “state of software growth” post for us non programmers?

yaya sure can. i’m at work atm but when i get off i’ll do a cliff notes of where we are at with the flipper currently

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Appreciate it no rush, I just see you on there pretty consistently

Figured you could translate some of the technobabble

I too would enjoy that!
Am still waiting on mine but it would be cool to know about changes before and after getting one.

Could have used the flipper so many times by now but here I am ^^’


200 (9)


Once again feeling the joy of living in the middle of europe but outside of the EU again here


yup. Always the same here :stuck_out_tongue:

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flipper and its current RFID/NFC capabilities sorted by chipset

Mifare Classic 1k (&4K) - xM1/FlexM1

  • Support for SmartMX/JC, Infineon and NXP Mifare classic detection
  • UID Emulation is the only working form of emulation for MFC currently
  • No writing yet

Mifare Ultralight full set excluding Ntag20x - xSIID xNT NExT FlexMN

  • support for all reads excluding NTAG20x
  • full emulation support given keys provided when necessary
  • No write support yet

Mifare Desfire

  • UID Read and emulation
  • working on adding known aid detection (NDEF etc ill provide updates as i work on it)
  • no write

iClass Legacy/PicoPass - FlexClass

  • Reading entire card with the known key
  • Emul is being worked on
  • no writing
  • no SE/SEOS/Elite support due to non pub keys


  • EMV - Reading and emul the CN and EXP (aka non-working emul due to no CVV)
  • Felica/NFC-F - Reading
  • Untapped ISO15 - UID reading where possible

Low Frequency
all of the below have writing and emulation support

  • Em410x
  • HID 26bit - there is also a HIDPROX identifier plugin but write and emul does not work for anything non HID26
  • IOProx
  • Indala Raw 26

Attacks and capabilities
the flipper is a great device but its capabilities have already hit a wall.
high-frequency attacks on things like Mifare classic that can be found on things like the proxmark and acr122u are not possible on the base model of the flipper due to the fact it lacks FPGA to handle the tasks.

so the only tasks its capable of are Dictionary

there is potentially a workaround for this being implemented to allow the flipper to be used as a LIBNFC device but the devs have stated disinterest in adding this. even with this addition the flipper will only be able to do what an acr122u can do such as mfoc

EDIT TO ADD: the SmartMX/JC mifare classic support (fun fact, i made that :smiley: ) is what will be used when the Apex comes out and people use it to emulate mifare classics using the applet. it also works for the dictionary attacks, saving and emulating with custom SAK (0x09 0x0A)