Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR


heres one for all you mifare classic/xm1/flexm1 fans out there

me and bettse are working on implementing mfkey32v2 into the flipper. bettse has already created a PR to collect mifare classic nonces that will allow us to calculate keys for sectors, currently the calculation takes place off-device with information gathered from the flipper in emulation mode

but this will soon change as ill be neatly packaging the whole thing into an on-flipper GUI plugin that will, for lack of a better word, allow the flipper to sniff for keys.


for more information on nonces being used to calculate sector keys feel free to drop me a DM so i can bomb you with resources and writeups :smiley:

there is still a ways to go with this but the “soon tm” is that mifare classic emulation, full emulation will go without a hitch since getting keys will be no problem


…but how about that write support? Lol

write support is a heavy-handed task for sure. hardware supports it but as development goes (unofficial always since the official devs have put the idea of writing on the very back burner) we’ve had to consider

  • NTAG type 2 // ultralight write support and all the APDU specific that it entails for each different format, considering the presence of lock bytes and keys for ULC etc. also NDEF stuff
  • Mifare classic 1,2,4k write support and all of THAT apdu specific support considering all 32+ keys, access bit configuration, and then ofc GEN1/GEN2 support for magic which is its whole own beast not to mention ndef
  • desfire write is never gonna happen because who tf needs to write to desfire ever

on the equipflip repo (nice name i know I’m so cool) I’ve got gen1a write support done but it is shakier than a 15 year old chihuahua.


Im talking out of my butt here, but I’ve been wondering if would be possible to read tags with the flipper and send the raw data to the phone over bt and do the processing on the phone, most smartphone are pretty powerful nowadays …

it’s entirely possible to do it that way it’s just difficult to run mfkey32v2 on a phone unless it’s node wrapped and web hosted (something we are looking into right now) it won’t be necessary to crack off device for much longer but is the system we have in place to make cracking accessible as soon as possible

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more update

ive made an mfkey32v2 standalone tool with instructions on self nonce cracking with the flipper (or if you’ve got your own emulator and debug tool). feel free to give it try with your flippers and let me know if there’s any problems.


also kind of off topic. i also made a x64 x32 x32v2 version for at home cracking anyways since mfkey hasn’t been standalone implemented its usually just a tool used in other places.

enjoy :slight_smile:


Excited for this
Not excited for the usual FedEx issues I’m expecting already


Pilgrim… I’m soooo sorry… :wink:

I hope the people over there will finally find out where NZ is… :wink:


Awesome, I hope you have fun.
A great name also “0land”
How are you pronouncing it?

I first read it as “Oh Land” but, I think that is a zero, so then I though zero = no, therefore No Land :man_shrugging:

Actually, update from a couple of hours ago

Apparently they stopped relying on movie maps and finally found google earth/ google maps / a globe / an atlas…:grinning:

It would be funny If I bought one from this new batch and it arrived before my original kickstarter…

Still no emails regarding delivery since my 10th June one confirming my address.


Yay! Sounds like there is hope :wink:

Yeah, me too - your other interpretation is quite a cool one as well, but I guess I stick with “O-Land”
And yep, it’s a cool thing for sure! I’m totally surprised how well it picks up xSeries, even with the silicon bumper… and I already use it to annoy my beloved one when we’re watching TV :smile:

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I would have been disapointed if you didn’t :rofl:

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To those that are not aware, some people have had some good success dying their bumper covers

It would have to be the first one since a zero would have a line through it to distinguish it from capital O.

Not all fonts do that though
Zero 0
Letter O

generally the Zero is more narrow, similar to the

0land vs Oland

Maybe the Zero has only 2 pixels on the top and bottom :man_shrugging:

Screenshot_20220728-083020_One UI Home

AND Irrelevant of all of that, I don’t have a Flipper with which to compare it to…So why are you rubbing salt in the wound @ThePolishedTurd ?
GEEZ you’re so mean, I thought you were a nice guy :rofl:

I know the flipper number zero has the line through it, I saw it on another flipper image, but I couldn’t give you shit if I admitted that straight away

Nice guys are lame. For that very reason I endeavor to be shit. Shiny shit but shit none the less. :smiley:

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Also, apparently nice guys finish last, I always finish first…just ask my Mrs.


What else would you expect from someone with that username? :joy:

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That was a very snarky response :wink:


@Pilgrimsmaster just got my Flipper shipping notification! Yours can’t be far off!

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