Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR

Yeah thanks, I probably got my email around the same time as you. ( an hour ago )

Delivery date expected 18/08/22


So that would be the eighth day of the eighteenth month of 2022 then. :rofl:

Sounds like it won’t get to New Zealand for a while.

(Yes, I am not actually American and I do know that everyone else writes dates in a more sensible format, but like @Pilgrimsmaster I have to have my fun sometime.)


Anyone got any review on how well the 13.56 reader on the flipper works? I like to show off the xsiid’s every now and again but my phones reader doesn’t light them up very visibly.

My Flippers arrived too now!

So far it read all shapes and types of HF transponders (13,56MHz) and does so even at good distances.
The reading range for Mifare classic cards was roughly 6cm,
Mifare Desfire Ev2 8k cards 4,5cm,
Mifare Desfire Ev3 8k card 4,5cm,
Mifare classic standard plastic tag 4,5cm,
Ntag213 sticker about 3cm,
Mifare Ultralight Ev1 (dutch train card) 5cm,
i didn’t find any Mifare Ultralight C or Ultralight Aes to test sadly.
Now another one that might be interesting is the performance of the Design Transponder since its coil Design is almost identical with that of the Flex series that can be injected using a big needle.
Its a Mifare Desfire Ev1 in this case and it had a range of roughly 2cm.
It also reads all the different versions of the Cliptag fine with and without a key inserted into the tag. All in all quize good so far.
It reads my Ntag216 implant well (xNt) at a distance of 0,5cm above the skin,
The Mifare classic implant (xM1+ magic) at 0,5cm above the skin
and the Desfire Ev2 8k (xDF2) at a few milimeters above the skin.
The ranges of the Implants obviously depend on location but it works quite well. The emulating feature does not completely work for all of the types yet though.

Now i also tested 125kHz Transponders and so far it doesn’t read alot. It doesn’t read Hitag 1, it doesn’t read EM4450, it doesn’t read Hitag 2 pw, It doesn’t read Hitag S, But it does read EM4102 cards with a range of 4cm and it does read the T5577 implant (xEM) with a Range of about 1cm above skin. With the Tags that didn’t work they are simply not implemented yet as far as i know but they plan to add them in future Firmware Updates.

If you have any transponders i should try to get my hands on and measure the reading distances/ reading performance of i can try to do my best to get them and try them out.
All in all i absolutely love my Flipper Zeros! Ghey are just so handy and fun to work with all the wait was really worth it! :3


I got to play with one over the weekend (Mine won’t be here until September) and it lit up, did the read and went out so fast you couldn’t see it. It’s not like a phone sadly.

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Ah dang, that’s a shame. Thanks for the response though! :grin:


@Spyfoxls comes back firing on all cylinders with a great review update :+1: thanks for that.

So I have some questions of current Flipper owners.

I had a look on github,

and Unleashed appears to be aimed more toward SubGHz stuff, obviously still with HF and LF capabilities.

RogueMaster has a few extras

Obviously reading the release notes gives a good idea but not as good as hearing from people using the hardware and firmware on implants.

Is there any reccomended firmware for those with implants, to maximize functionality?
Any that are actively being worked on that we should keep an eye on?
Or the current “best” reccomedation…

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neither of them have any additional RFID/NFC features compared to the others. we (well the nfc/rfid dev corner) like to share. so anything anyone adds to their external repo gets merged into main and the others.

the only thing currently not in main repo by default is bettse and pcunnings picopass reader, its in the self compilable official firmware but it (along with many other plugins) is not included in the release files. to add it into official you’d need to self compile

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Cool, thanks for the prompt reply.

Pretty much as I expected the answer to be, and combined from your post earlier in the thread.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop around the development.

I do check out the Flipper Forum and Discord, but there is a lot, and it’s easy to miss updates.

I’ll probably up my attendance on thise platforms, when I finally get my Flipper…

they have really shot themselves in the foot by not maintaining documentation. all of the up to date stuff is community driven and scattered. the upside is there is always someone to answer a question in a given channel and those of us who maintain docs have pinned links in the server. ill continue to give updates on the important things

the only news to note is that RPC dev for Bluetooth to companion app is underway. this will set the groundwork for mifare classic writing, darkside mfc attack (hopefully) and more

Fantastic, this and the remaining LF modes will make the Flipper a more portable and convenient for basic read write functionality over the PM3

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That is a huge reason i got the flipper, i wanted to be able to clone basic credential to implant on teh fly …

Thankfully the flipper already does em and hid, and I was able to read save locally, emulate, and rewrite to rearrange which implants do what… all in the span of a few minutes

It works great, just needs more modes

Have it search for a bank card specifically. It lights up the xSIID but won’t actually read it. Perfect for showing off!


Smart!! I’ll give that a go when mine gets here.

now NFC has been reworked structurally and the whole repo has been converted to c it will be easier to modify to add more modes and features for the RFID/NFC umbrella.

a handful of us are waiting for the “raw read” on LF to make any moves on chip identification because it will be much easier to do it after that’s been added.

Thanks for explaining the “raw” thing … ive seen it mentioned a few places, but didt understood exactly what it mean.

yeah atm its going to be implemented as literally “found 125khz tag here’s the raw wiegand:”

which we can then use the decipher chipsets from the actual raw binary into usable files for cloning etc.


Guess what will be delivered today to my home ? :partying_face:
And of course the day I’m working in the office, not from home! :unamused:

Edit :


got asked to make a mifare classic binary to .nfc flipper format converter today since flipper uses a custom format for their files. if you’ve got a proxmark or phone and want to put your mifare classic credentials on the flipper here’s the script. super simple.