Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR

Getting closer to a direct read / write :pbjtime:

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@ethan_rose has yours arrived?



Already had a bit of a play and downloaded a massive dictionary of IR commands onto the uSD card.

Seems to read my flexDF2 and NExT (both LF and HF) no problem.

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A little IR functionality assist / option…

I found this article amusing lol.

Sorry if it’s already posted in this thread, I’m not following this topic as much as others.


Lololol. This is great. :joy:

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This is really cool and it makes me worry about mine coming before they’re illegal.

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they won’t be made illegal. they’re fcc approved aswell as following multiple governments requirements. how a user decides to use it is up to them. if they break the law that’s on them. not the flipper


The little thing is more capable once it’s un-noodered.
(Nothing but the flipper and the original card were used)

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any chance i could grab the .nfc file you used? testing reasons



I generally agree with PayPal or any company being able to close an account, because of some guideline of theirs or no longer agreeing with something

It’s a shitty move but it’s their company I guess

But to

  1. Give no explanation
  2. SIEZE money for protracted periods
    or permanently,

Sketchy AF, and I can’t believe it isn’t illegal

I remember they screwed over DT a while back, and that’s when I stopped using it for almost everything

I think I’m going to look into shutting down my account, rather than it just sitting idle


I read Amal’s post on PayPal the other day and it sounds like they are doing the exact same thing to Flipper as they did to DT.

Its suuuuuper shitty that they can do this and not give any reason or course of action to rectify it.


I was reading they often try to only refund like 80% and call it “damages”

If nobody knows Why the fuck you had an issued then how are there even damages?

Skimming a cool 20% of 1.3m… because you want to close an account, Jesus… I’d go dark side

It’s obviously scary hacker stuff better cancel it right away.

*after the chargeback period has ended, so we assume no risk and have complete control

i think in part it has something to do with flipper being in russia and US sanctions n shit not fully sure but the situation is weird

That could be a valid reason to CLOSE an account,

But PayPal shouldn’t have the power to SIEZE funds arbitrarily


This. I have no issue with them closing accounts for whatever reason they want. It’s their company. But to KEEP the funds after closing the account? That’s just not OK on any level.