Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR

I did the same thing, I think its because of how our brains look at patterns for reading rather than actually reading word for word. I also skim things a ton so I’ll see something like that, think it said one thing, realize it’s not correct, skim it again a little slower, get more confused, finally I’ll slow down and read it word for word understand what they were trying to say, then reflect on the amount of time that was wasted trying to take a shortcut instead of doing the thing the right way the first time


I just installed the newest versions of the roguemaster firmware and the xtreme firmware. The roguemaster firmware seems to recognise hitag transponders now but it seems like it can’t read it yet which is likely why it’s not implemented in extreme yet. I’m positively surprised though sibce i seem to remember somebody saying on a forum that hitag won’t be possible to support with current hardware.

I haven’t checked much else yet though

Yeah that seems strange. Maybe they meant it might not be possible to crack keys for hitag?

Could be i’m not sure

iirc hitag communication on the flipper will be limited to just what can be grabbed from a non-com carrier. anything that requires two ways communication (IE swapping passwords) can’t be supported but as the ID is free floating it can be picked up