Forgot my keys!

It’s time to get RFID locks.
I fucking forgot my keys and realized it AFTER my 3h train ride.
This will be a long night, waiting for the train back now…

This is why we have implants, you can’t forget your hand.

Ofc this happens now, 1 last time before it’s impossible to forget my keys…

EDIT: ofc my train’s late.


I have one key left in my daily life, and that’s the key to my office at work. We are required to lock our individual office doors, so that if a thief breaks in from one of the office windows, they can only steal stuff in the office they broke into.

Well, in the morning, I get out of the house, into the bike shed BEEP, into our office building BEEP, into the inner door of our building unit BEEP, into my locker in the shower room BEEP. Then after I’m done showering, I spend the next minute fumbling in my backpack for the fucking key, unlock my office door, then put the key back in my backpack. Then I can continue a smooth day of keyless unlocking and logging into computers several times an hour.

That’s one minute every day that’s totally wasted, and it really breaks my flow. It’s seriously annoying - when I don’t plain leave the key at home.

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@anon3825968 Sounds like you have 2 options
Put an RFID lock on your office door
Keep living in the dark ages with your key :old_key: , but maybe you could keep it in your Skin Tunnel


Real cyborg life. So looking forward to this :heart_eyes:, you could call it being jealous.

Sad. I guess your employer won’t let you change the lock or you don’t wanna spend 500+ bucks for your office door?

This comes down to a problem I thought about before.
I can’t replace all keys.
I can’t change the door that I have to open before I reach my apartment door.
I can’t change the door for the bike shed at work.
In both cases I don’t own the door and that’s the biggest issue.
But I would have reached my door by ringing the bell of someone else. In the worst case, I could still go home.

In some near future all locks will be keyless by default. Keyless will be normal and we’ll call it keyed when it’s not.

No no. My employer is fine with me modifying the building here and there (to a point).

Our CEO actually thinks my quest to go keyless is amusing and interesting. He even let me have access to the internal security system’s webpage that displays everybody’s tags’ scan times so that I can scrape it every minute or so with a script running on the main server to open the blinds, turn the heater on, turn the lights on and turn the computer on in my office as I arrive at the main door in the morning (still working on that :slight_smile:)

The problem with my office door, as with the company’s bike shed door, is that the cylinder has a master key: when someone’s not at work, the CEO must be able to get into their office. So does the fire department, and the rent-a-cop doing the rounds at night.

The other problem is, it’s an old Finnish-only Abloy lock core that’s not made anymore, and even if I could replace it, there’s no electric lock core that would fit the mortise - let alone an RFID-enabled one.

But there is one solution: it’s a quite an unusual lock core in that, like many Finnish locks, turning the key hard clockwise retracts the bolt, but turning it counterclockwise 360 degrees disables the handle. The handles turn freely and don’t actuate the bolt, and that’s how it locks. So I could simply leave it unlocked and replace both handles with this one, that engages or disengages the spindle with a mechanism contained entirely within the handle itself.

The NFC handles would essentially add a separate unlocking mechanism to the door for my use alone, maintaining the key for mere unaugmented humans who need to get into my office with the master key. Same thing with the bike shed’s door, with the added complication that it’s a profile door and there isn’t enough room for a full size handle - but I’m working on that one too.

The flaw in the slaw is, the NFC reader in the handle doesn’t wake up with implants. That’s one of the reasons why I’ll be getting a FlexM1 in a couple of months.

And no, I’m not averse to spending money on stuff for my office: I already dropped 229 euros on my locker’s NFC-enabled lock. I mean, it’s just a friggin’ locker for my dirty cycling clothes ferchrissake! And between the handles for my office door and the bike shed - assuming I get them to work for me - I’ll be looking at blowing north of 900 euros. And that’s not counting the long-range RFID reader under my desk, and the modifiied SureFlap catflap that I’ll install on the warehouse door to open it with my foot…

Incidentally, did I mention that my employer is extremely cool? :slight_smile:


Other option would be an electronic latch plate, door ould remain locked but you scan and can push the door open.

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That would be an option for my office door (not for the bike shed though), but it would require heavy modifications to the door frame. My boss is understanding and all, and he’s okay with reversible hardware changes I make to the building. But I think that would be a bit much for him.

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Well, not yet…