Hand tattoos after an implant?

So I have the g3 magnet in my left hand between my thumb and index finger, and this weekend is the Chicago tattoo convention. I was thinking about getting a hand tattoo done this weekend that would cover most the top of my hand, including the area with my magnet. Is that something I need to worry about when getting tattooed? I know that in theory the ink is placed between the layers of skin, and my implant is underneath my skin…but I just don’t wanna find out the hard way that the needle can reach the implant lol

I wouldn’t tattoo on top of the implant. I’m not 100% sure of the damage that would be caused, but wouldn’t risk getting the needle that close to the magnet and possibly damaging it. Also, I suppose the healing would be a nightmare.
I have a flexmn and a (dead) flexnext on top of my hands and thinking about having a tattoo that goes around the implants. I suggest avoiding the implant


This topic is mentioned a dew times here, but this one is a good example of a typical reply

If I was in your situation, this is what I would do

“not a reccomendion, simply what I would do”

Remove implant
Get tattoo
Reinsert implant

The time between is up to you, but I know how I would do it…


Can you incorporate a void/ negative space into your design?


Does your magnet move?
can it be pushed out of the way? or is it fully encapsulated?

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