Tattoo over implant?


Short question: Is it possible to get a tattoo over my FlexNT or/and xNT implant? I ask, because I don’t know how deep the needle goes and i will not risk to damage the chip.

Thx Thomas :slight_smile:


Tattoo needle depth is not predictable or consistent, so we recommend not getting a tattoo that places the needle overtop any of our subdermal devices. However, some customers have tattooed the skin immediately surrounding our x-series devices.

The flex line is flat, so it is extremely difficult to determine edges when under the skin, so it is not recommended to get any tattooing done anywhere near the device. In either case, damage from a tattoo needle would result in bioproof coating failure.


Okey, thanks for the info Amal!
So I have to choose another place. :slight_smile: