HF LED Power Accessories

Preferably the Pierce oscillator because the parts are so easy to come by. May need some minor adjustments.

Do you have a schematic you’d be willing to share?
I’m interested in making one for some testing.

There’s one in the first post of the thread from what feels like 100 years ago. It works pretty well, but it could use some optimization. You need to roll your own coil and replace the 1k resistor at the beginning with it.

The shape depends on whether you want to couple better with x-series or flex. For the antenna to resonate with that 22pF capacitor efficiently you would need a 6.26uH inductor. You could make the capacitor value larger like 50pF and only need a 2.75uH inductor, which should be easy enough to build with 5-10 turns flat or 10-15 turns cylindrical with an air-core.


Here’s a BOM for the basic design I posted in the beginning.

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Is this the design you are referring to?

The BOM doesn’t look that expensive. Am considering putting one of these together.

Yeah, that’s the one, but without the extra MOSFET bit on the right. The following post from DevilClarke has a slightly better design with resistors instead of diodes.

Sorry, I don’t have the bandwidth to be attentive to this project. I figure the difficulty level is low enough that somebody with some drive can knock it out. I know @JustAGlitch is interested


So I have finished putting together the circuit on the breadboard using the schematic in the first post, and now all I have to do is wind the coil, which I am a bit confused about. Do I just pug in values to this calculator until I get 6.6uH?

Greetings my cyborg friends. Just stopping in to see if anyone has been able to build a working prototype of the HF power item this thread has been working towards. I know a lot of the theorizing has been towards a bracelet type of item, but I would be perfectly happy with something shaped like a lighter, or a lipstick tube, where you could put a battery inside of it and hold it in your hand, which would power your blinky through your flesh, instead of the distance from your wrist to the chip in your hand.

I recently lost my good phone and had to buy a cheapy one without NFC, so it’s been a hassle to show off my lights. Plus, I’ve been wanting to get another implant soon, and having a device to power multiple chips without covering them up would be great :slight_smile:

Also- how possible would it be to take one of the KBR-1 type devices, open it up, and reverse engineer it to work with a higher voltage to output more power? I’m sure someone smarter than me in this thread already brought it up, but with the talk of MOSFETs and that kind of stuff, it feels like it all goes over my head. That was what I was thinking about earlier, but maybe someone has already tried and can say it does or doesn’t work.


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:logo_chameleon: iirc some people are using chameleon tiny pros to power blinkies

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Thank you @Pilgrimsmaster and @JustAGlitch ! I’ve been looking into those two options now, the Flipperzero seems like a really cool device for more than just powering an implant, almost like a tamagotchi- however, I haven’t been able to find any reviews or videos so far that clearly demonstrate how successful they are for lighting up an implant from a distance, or thru skin, like if you’re holding it in your hand. I’ve been searching both on DT forums and on Youtube and the general net, but all the reviews seem to be positive about both of them, at least. I would really like to have solid evidence for either device before I sink the $100 or so for either, but if there are really no videos available yet, I guess I’ll have to just buy it and test it out myself for the benefit of the forums.

I’ll make a YouTube short rq showing it with my xSIID, gimme a few minutes

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Hope that gives a sense of distance and brightness

It’s the best way for me to show off my xSIID rn, doesn’t block it at all


thank you for the demo!! I appreciate it!!!

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This is by far the best vid I’ve seen on the flipper interacting with Led implants, thanks for this!!

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Shame they appear to be sold out.

Give it time, they are struggling to meet demand, every 1 that ships generates 2 more sales right now

And they had a shipment massively delayed by customs that caused concern, but it was ultimately fine

But it probably delayed the next us shipment until they had figured out what was up

If you can choose only one and even though it’s a bit more $, the flipper would be my choice.
The chameleon is great, small, effective…
The Flipper is just A LOT better, especially for us.

It really is a great Biohackers tool.

The PM3 is still currently the best diagnostic tool, and for writing HF and a wider range of LF, but the convenience and ease of use goes to the Flipper

my 2c

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If you can choose only one and even though it’s a bit more $, the flipper would be my choice.

Aren’t they going for $500+ USD due to supply chain hell?

I hope not, supply and demand is shit.

I haven’t looked, but I would assume that price would be an ebay or Amazon listing…there was a shipping delay that may have caused greed monsters to come out (aka CUNTS) and take advantage of “desperate” / eager / impatient people.

Just wait and buy from the Flipper store.
They SHOULD be the same retail price as always once the consignment has arrived.