Ideal vitamins?

Hi all, I’m new here - I was hoping I’d be able to figure out EXACTLY what kinda prenatal vitamins to get. I see a lot of things labeled ‘prenatal’ specifically, but there are plenty of individual supplements available like biotin+keratin, collagen boosts, etc… and frankly it seems like a lot of those supplements aren’t included in most prenatal multivitamins. So which way should I go?

I’ve narrowed it down to these two:

I have the disadvantage of being vegan (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and I’m going through Target cos I know they’ll get to me faster.

Any help in this decision would be appreciated! It’ll be nice to get to know all of you over time, too! Thanks in advance~

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Ohhh if you get one, let me know how it goes, I could not find vegan casuals, ended up finding a not great tasting powder…

I would get the prenatal caps and skip the collagen caps. The reason why prenatal vitamins often lack in collagen because it’s not typically the ingestion of collagen itself that causes your body to produce collagen… “you are what you eat” is not to be taken literally… though it’s an easy trap to fall into.

Typically you break down pretty much everything you eat into base level amino acids and other rudimentary building blocks, and your body makes what it needs out of those components… even though it might be more efficient if you could eat steak and just let the muscle tissue just go straight to where you need it… but if that was how it worked you might have to eat human way more often than one would like.

Anyway, the point is, think of collagen like a brick wall… if you want your body to make collagen you need to mix mortar with water to initiate chemical reactions in the mortar powder so it will set… and vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B1 (also called thiamine) work together like water in the mortar mix… each has an important role in the production of collagen (the chemical reaction part). Usually prenatals include a couple of essential amino acids lysine and threonine which are sometimes harder to get through food ingestion in large quantities… these and a ton of other things all come together to create collagen in the body.

It really is fascinating because we’re basically a shitload of collagen with some calcium beams holding us all upright. Definitely read about it on wikipedia.


Sorry to interject here, but its related and I didn’t think it needed a new thread:
How necessary are prenatal? I’m planning on getting my first install this weekend but I don’t have any prenatals.
What would be the results of not taking prenatals? longer healing? Could I just be more careful with it for a while and be fine or should I pick some up on Monday?

Above and beyond, dude. Thank you so much!

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In my opinion

Beneficial, but not necessary

At your young age, you should be fine without it ( Unless you have an underlying medical condition ) I read somewhere, Collagen production reduces by 1% every year from around the age of 20.

The body produces collagen naturally and it is in abundance when young, but unfortunately production starts to decline at about age 25, and continues. It decreases even more in women after menopause. Collagen also decreases with other factors such as smoking, sugar and ultraviolet rays

If you want to stack the odds in you favour, to reduce migration of your implants, you would take pre-natals and splint; or in @anon3825968 's world it would have BioBond coating


Everyone’s body is different, but ideally the vitamins will aid building collagen and curb migration over the first couple months after install. Since my dayjob is building furniture, I’ll take all the help I can get!

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basically what others said… it’s not necessary but it will speed healing and more importantly it will reduce the chances of migration. The fact that of the people with migration issues, around 80ish % of them resolve the issue by taking prenatals and corralling the chip in place with an external splint (toothpicks usually)… well that tells me they are worth taking. I would start the day before your installation and continue until they are gone… or 2 weeks at least. Eat healthy. Get rest. Drink water. etc. etc. etc.


Well considering that i plan to install tomorrow and i dont have any right now, I think ill just be extra careful with it and if migration happens ill

Plus I am 18 and healthy so Im in a good starting position.

Thanks for the advice!

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Actually, does the fact that i am healing from a skinned elbow and knee change anything?
(Fell off my onewheel the other day on driveway pavement)

Nah dude, I hit a car head on with my motorcycle and got a flexNExT the next day. You’ll be fine :blush:


Y’know, maybe cheap little square 3d-printed splints would be a cool idea for the future!

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Fair enough.

I agree. Maybe I’ll make some when I get to campus for a future install

Not really but getting more materials in your system could never hurt.

Oh geez, I’m sorry I didn’t follow up - I HIGHLY recommend these vitamins. They don’t taste gross, smell like Thin Mints, and best of all, the iron doesn’t make my stomach feel like it’s full of thumbtacks. Honestly once the prenatals are used up and the chips are stable, I’m gonna switch to their regular women’s multivitamin.

Oh and I guess I’m burying the lede here - as of half an hour ago, I’ve got my first chips in! An NeXT and a Spark 2! Still kinda sloshed on adrenaline right now to be honest. :sweat_smile:




Funny to see how this has nothing to do with implants, but with pregnancy… damn, those spam-bots are not very intelligent, it seems… :stuck_out_tongue:


XD ikr, hadn’t seen this topic and was wondering why it got necromanced. Bots man…

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Collagen helps to build new layers of skin. I’ve been taking it to help my skin age (wrinkles) and to have a more consistent texture. I’ve only been taking it, sporadically, for 3 months (any recommendation for this site)… So too early for confirmation about wrinkles, but I do have more consistent skin.

I live vegan - bought and took this ones

I did 0 research what is in them or if they re good for the healing process^